Floroprote пленкообразующая пенный концентрат (AR агент пленкообразующей пены на водной основе)

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Product Description

Suolong SF-AFFF/AR3-3% is a high qualified alcohol resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam Extinguishing Agent, based on fluorochemical with hydrocarbon surfactants including non-toxic chemical components. This specialized alcohol resistant property gives outstanding performance on hydrocarbon and polar solvents fires.


Suolong SF-AFFF/AR3-3% provides a rapid knock-down and excellent burn-back resistance on hydrocarbon B fuel and polar solvents/alcohols fires.

Major field of application can be:
Petrochemical industries & plant/Oil depots /Off shore platform/Marine Chemical Tankers including wide range of hazardous areas.

Storage Shelf Life

Suolong Foam Concentrate can be stored long periods of time in original unopened packing under indicated temperatures .

Recommended materials for storage are Stainless steel(STS304/316L) ,Plastic & GRP container.

Environment Protect

Suolong has a great concern on safety and protection of Environment. In order to provide Environmentally-Friendly Product, Suolong foam do not contains PFOS/PFOA and is easily biodegradable.


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