Shampoo Chairs

Our collection of shampoo chairs offers a wide range of options to meet your salons needs. Our chairs are designed with comfort and functionality in mind, ensuring that customers can relax during their shampoo and styling services.

From sleek and modern designs to more traditional options, we have a chair to match your salons aesthetic. Our chairs feature adjustable sinks and headrests to accommodate different hair lengths and body types. Footrests and padded armrests also provide added comfort for customers.

In addition to comfort, our shampoo chairs are also built for durability and easy maintenance. Made with high-quality materials, they are designed to withstand frequent use and last for years. Many also feature easy-to-clean surfaces and removable parts for hassle-free cleaning.

With our range of shampoo chairs, you can create a comfortable and functional space for your customers while also enhancing the overall look and feel of your salon. Browse our collection today and find the perfect chair to elevate your salons shampoo area.

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