Nubuck suede PU Synthetic Leather (10000000701990)

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Product Overview


PU + Polyester
52"(132CM) / 54" (137CM)
Backing Type
Velveteen Backing

Special technique to make the surface plain and high brightness.

Will not cause matte on the surface

Good physical test result and High quality.

Exquisite texture finished and imitated genuine Leather hand feeling.

Varied surface texture style includes Plain Texture, Crazy Horse and Rough/Lichi Texture and so on.

Varied backing style include Knit Backing, Canvas Backing and Velveteen Backing and so on.

Could pass the environmental requirements and regulation.

Since the inventory storage environment would cause qualitative change.
Please kindly consult with us if you need any specific physical or chemical requirements needs.

-Knite Backing-
Light, thin and flexible.
It is mostly used for furniture
leather, shoe lining and
stationery leather.
-Microfiber Backing-
The feel characteristics are
closest to real leather.
The thickness varies a lot. The price is higher, and it is mostly used for high-priced products.
-Canvas Backing-
The leather is hard and stiff.
The physical conditions are better.

-Velveteen Backing-
Currently the most common PU synthetic leather fabric bottom.
Soft and easy to obtain.
-Twills Backing-
The physical conditions are better.
Usually used when special physical properties are required.
-Imitated Microfiber 1
Impregnation Backing-
Close to the feel of microfiber leather.
Hardness is harder.

-Imitated Microfiber 2
Suede fabric Backing-
Close to the feel of microfiber leather.
The hardness is softer.
-Non-woven with
Resin Backing-
It is easy to make thick leather.
It is mostly used in sports shoes
and Birkenstocks.
-Elastic Four-way-
Stretching on all sides, it is used in
all walks of life.

-Non-woven without Resin Backing-
It is easy to be made into thick leather with soft hand feeling.

Q: Are your delivery dates accurate?
A: Our customer's payments and delivery time will be assuranced by Alibaba.

Q: Can I have your catalogue?
A: Due to a wide range of products, please inform us your accurate requirements so that we can customize for you.

Q: Does your company support customization?
A: Various colors,materials and popular/new styles are available and customized.

Q: Can you send a sample for reference?
A: We are glad to send samples for your inspection. Samples are free, but you may need to pay the express fees.

Q: How to confirm the quality with us before start to produce?
A1) You can get a free sample and choose from it, and then we make the quality according to that.
A2) Send us your samples, than we provide the goods according to your quality.

Q: How to solve the quality problems after sales?
A: Take photos of the problems and send to us. While receided we will respond within 2~3work day.

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