Cordyceps Militaris Nutritional Supplements Cordyceps Extract (10000001315791)

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Cordyceps Militaris Nutritional Supplements Cordyceps Extract

Comomo’s fishes are all caught from natural, pure, and pollution-free areas such as the Arafura Sea, Timor Sea, Banda Sea and Java Sea.

We guarantee that our white shrimps are cultivated using pure sea water and without any drugs.

Our fresh fishes are strictly selected and processed through our HACCP certified factory to control and ensure that the hygiene and quality of each product are of the highest standards. Through our strict quality control and dedication, our customers can have peace of mind and make better choices!

The company recently developed "artificially cultivated Cordyceps". The advanced technology uses mycelial propagation method (also known as fermentation method) to obtain a large amount of mycelium in which polysaccharides are extracted and used. In recent years, breakthroughs have been made in solid-state cultivation techniques for imitating natural growth, especially in the cultivation of Cordyceps militaris and the method of replacing the insects by placing them on a rice base, laying the foundation for solid-state cultivation. In 10 years, it can be used to economically mass produce the product. Through retraining technology, it can purify strains, and effectively stimulate the growth of fruiting bodies. At present, we supply fresh and dried plants, and can produce cordyceps powder and concentrated extracts, providing a variety of effective and diverse products.

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L/C, TT Cash 30%

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It depends, different countries have different delivery times.

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7 days

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We utilize -20°C instant liquid frozen method shipping for the whole journey.

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