cheapest freight forwarder in china to European and American countries Yiwu 1688 purchasing agent pays low warehousing commissio (10000009934898)

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Product Overview


air transport
Air shipping is safer and faster, and we make sure your cargo can go anywhere in the world you want.

ocean freight
Sea freight price concessions, suitable for the transportation of large quantities of goods. As a freight forwarder, we book your shipments, arrange pickup and delivery, and manage shipping documents.

Rail freight.
Rail transport can transport a large amount of goods, is rarely affected by weather, and can arrive safely and on time

Huge information resources
Since we have established business relationships with many Chinese e-commerce companies or online retailers and suppliers, I think we have enough information resources to meet your sourcing business needs.

Our dropshipping service includes 15--30 days of free storage with no weight limit.

Value-added services such as labeling/packaging.
We provide packaging services. Pack or repack your shipments to your specifications, ensure your important purchases are protected, remove any unnecessary packaging, and consolidate your shipments to maximize cost savings. Our team works 7 days a week to ensure shipments leave our warehouse within 24 hours so your packages can be shipped fast!

First-class warehouse management services. The company can provide customers with warehousing services, including checking the integrity of the goods, checking the data of the goods with the goods information provided by the factory, labeling and warehousing services.
We hand pack and inspect each shipment to ensure your valuable purchases are protected, remove any unnecessary packaging and consolidate your shipments to maximize savings.

Our team works 7 days a week to ensure shipments leave our warehouse within 24 hours, so your package can be delivered fast!

We can also provide item collection and consolidation services for your multiple suppliers and sort them together.

Provide product details
We have a complete supply system and can match you with the best products and manufacturers. Just according to the product information you provide, it can be clear pictures, product links, or even text.

Search and compare
Through our vast information resources, we can find the right suppliers exactly, and compare product unit prices and discounts for you, as well as sample inspections.

Product Description


1. Q: What is the price of your service?
A: When the details of your purchasing requirements are finalized, the exact price can be provided, such as product name or link, amount, and we will quote the freight with you.

2. Q: How do I pay you?
A: You can pay us by bank transfer (T/T), Western Union, etc.

3. Q: What if there is no good supplier for the product I am interested in?
A: You only need to provide product pictures or links, we will
You search and compare manufacturers.

4. Q: When will your purchasing business have discounts?
A: Everything is negotiable here. How much DC depends on how much you purchase.

5. Q: My supplier does not have export rights. Can you help me export the goods?
A: Yes, we can. We can purchase export licenses, declare customs and ship the goods to you.

6. Q: Can you help me check our goods?
A: Yes, we can help you. Sample inspection or random inspection, depending on your requirements

7. Q: Can you help us pick up from Chinese manufacturers?
A: Yes, we can help you. We will quote you the shipping cost from your manufacturer to your location.

8. Q: Can you help with customs clearance and deliver the goods from the destination port to our warehouse?
Answer: Yes. We have cooperative agents in overseas ports. So, if needed, we can help you do that.

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