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Founded in 1931. A long-established manufacturer with a history of 90 years.
He manufactures and sells fish paste products, mainly kamaboko and tempura.
Kneaded products are high-protein, low-calorie, healthy-oriented products that are popular all over the world and can bring out regional characteristics by arranging tastes.
Our company is made by full-scale craftsmen who make using high quality surimi and stone mills.
The factory manager received the Osaka City Skills Distinguished Service Award.

This product "Tempura" is made by adding egg whites and seasonings to ground fish kneaded with a stone mill and fried in oil. There are various names such as "fried kamaboko" and "satsuma-age" nationwide, but in Kansai. It is popular as "tempura”. 

Please cut it as it is and enjoy it.

It can also be widely used as an ingredient in simmered dishes.

Eat with wasabi soy sauce, mayonnaise soy sauce, ponzu sauce, chili oil to eat, etc.

If you boil the surface a little with an oven toaster, the surface will be crispy and the inside will be fluffy, and you can enjoy it more deliciously.
It can also be used as an ingredient in pots such as oden.

Since the upper heaven does not contain any ingredients, you can fully enjoy the taste of minced fish.
It can also be widely used as an ingredient in simmered dishes.

Fish meat (white guchi, itoyoridai), sugar, edible compound oil, salt, mirin, egg white (including eggs), processed starch (derived from wheat), seasonings (amino acids, etc.), preservatives (sorbic acid)
[Allergies] Eggs, wheat
[Nutrition ingredients] Calories 135 kcal, protein 9.2 g, fat 4.2 g, carbohydrates 15 g, salt equivalent 2.2 g per 100 g

Small lot samples are available.

Size Per Sheet
Expiry Date
4 months freezing, 7 days refrigerated after thawing

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Company Profile

Founded the Wadahachi Kamaboko store in 1959, and received the Minister's Award for 1959 and 1935. In 2016, the employee was awarded the Osaka City Skills Distinguished Service. Recently, receive the "Japan Gift Award 2020" Osaka . Kamaboko and tempura are the main products. Sold to a wide range of customers, from famous restaurants in Kansai and restaurants with Michelin stars to major department stores and supermarkets. We are also been working on making seasonal products for Halloween and Valentine's Day. A member of the Osaka Specialty Products Association, a member of the Osaka Famous Store Association.

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