Репеллент от кротов, Отпугиватель вредителей, борьба с змеей, частная этикетка, репеллент, репеллент от змей, изгнанные 100 шарики

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What is it:
Ball-shaped snake repellant - ready to use, environmentally friendly for humans. It protects vegetable and flower gardens from snakes. The effective action of the product is based on a unique combination of natural repellent odors. This smell is repellent to snakes and prevents them from reappearing. Safe for pets! Naturally! Fully biodegradable!

How to use:

When snakes appear, the balls must be laid out on the ground so that the distance between them is about one meter from each other (area of ​​effect: 1 ball per 1 sq. M.).
To prevent snakes from garden entering, create a protective barrier of balls along the border, each ball at a distance of 50 centimeters from the other.
Advice! To prevent the appearance of snakes at the beginning of each season, it is necessary to update the protection zone by laying a new border around the perimeter of the protected area.

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