Отпугиватель вредителей, средство для уничтожения Кротов, приманки, дождевых червей GEX 10, ловушка для борьбы с вредителями и грызунами

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What is it:
it's an effective remedy to cope with moles in the garden.

The main and favorite food of moles is earthworm. Our bait contains true earthworms extract. Moles eat the “earthworms” with pleasure and you will be never disturbed by moles again in the garden.
It’s ready to use.
Scientifically designed and tested.
Effective against most common mole species.

How to use:

Step one: find active tonnels.
- Make a small hole by finger or stick in the place where mole’s way is near to upper layer of ground.
- Mark the place with banneret
- Check the place in 2-3 days.
- Put our earthworm only in restored tonnel

Step two: put the bait in the tonnel.
- Make a hole and put the “earthworm”.
- Make sure that it’s all is in the tonnel.
- Carefully close the hole.
- Mark the place by banneret.
- Repeat the manipulation in 1,5-3 m of mole’s way.

Step three: check the result.
- Check mole’s activity in 5-7 days again ( see step 1).

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