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"Kumanofude" Premium Makeup Brush

The texture of the finest brush that swells the joy of makeup.
The "Kumano brush", which is handmade one by one, is highly evaluated by world's top makeup artists for its moderate softness, elasticity, and excellent powder content.Kumano Town, Hiroshima Prefecture is a brush-making village that has been around since the Edo period. In 1975, Kumano Brush was the first brush to be designated as a traditional craft. Professional craftsmen make makeup brushes by hand. Makeup brushes cannot be made into good products if the raw hair is bad. We make full use of our history and technology to select better raw wool according to our purpose.A basic type powder brush that has both outstanding touch and moderate elasticity. * Please ask our sales representative for more specific product information.

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"Kumanofude" Premium Makeup Brush
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Gift Pad Co., Ltd.
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