Автоматическая установка Ro для подземной скважины и водопроводной воды, система фильтрации обратного осмоса

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Product Overview


Product Overview

Reverse osmosis water treatment
Reverse osmosis technology is a modern high-tech that has only been developed in our country in recent years. Reverse osmosis is to apply a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure to the solution to allow water to pass through a special semi-permeable membrane and separate from the solution. Because this process is the opposite of osmosis, it is called reverse osmosis. According to the different osmotic pressure of various materials, a reverse osmosis method greater than the osmotic pressure can be used for a certain solution to achieve the purpose of separating, extracting, purifying and concentrating the solution. The reverse osmosis device mainly separates the range of ions in the solution. It does not require heating, and there is no phase change process, so the traditional method has low energy consumption.




Recycle rate(%)

Outlet water Inductivity(US/CM)

Raw water Inductivity(US/CM)

Product Selling Point

(1) Imported RO membrane;
(2) High pressure pump;
(3) SS 304 bracket, pipe U-PVC engineering plastic pipe, pressure 25KG/CM2
(4) Instrument control cabinet;
(5) Automatic flushing system, imported solenoid valve actuator;

1. The reverse osmosis device is small in size, easy to operate, and has a wide range of applications;
2. Use reverse osmosis device to treat industrial water without consuming a lot of acid and alkali, no secondary pollution, and its operating cost is relatively low;
3. The desalination rate of reverse osmosis is ≧99%, and the desalination rate of the whole machine is ≧97%, which can effectively remove 98% of organic matter, colloids, bacteria, etc.;
4. The conductivity of the produced water is good, the first level is ≦10μs/cm, the second level is about 2-3μs/cm, EDI≦0.5μs/cm (raw water≦300μs/cm);
5. High degree of automation of operation, no need for manual guards, automatic shutdown when water is full, automatic startup without water, automatic air flushing of the front feed material, IC microcomputer controller automatically flushes the reverse osmosis membrane, and the conductivity of raw water and pure water can be displayed online;
6. Imported parts are as high as more than 90%.

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GUANGZHOU CREWIN MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a complete equipment manufacturer specializing in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, daily chemicals and other industries. It provides customers with solutions for a variety of special applications to meet the diverse needs of customers. The company is committed to providing solid backing for enterprises in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical and other industries to become stronger and bigger.

The company is committed to bringing customers professional, innovative and perfect product experience. The main products are vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine series, high-shear liquid washing mixer series, RO reverse osmosis water treatment series, storage tanks, all kinds of cream, liquid, powder automatic and semi-automatic filling lines, various bottle presses Capping machine, capping machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer and other color cosmetics, perfume complete production lines, laboratory equipment, assembly line workbench, etc.

Based on the "customer-oriented" business philosophy, the company assists customers in on-site plant design and equipment selection, and provides customers with "one-stop intimate service" from product design and development, manufacturing, engineering installation, technical consulting to after-sales maintenance. . Continuously strengthen the R&D and innovation of core technologies, strict quality monitoring, and sophisticated testing procedures to ensure that every production line exceeds customer expectations.

"Insist on technological innovation, launch brand strategy, provide high-quality products, implement first-class service" is our quality policy and service tenet. Create brilliance together.

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Q1: Are you a machine manufacturer or a trading company?
A1: We are a reliable machine manufacturer and can provide you with the best service. Our machines can be customized according to customer requirements. Welcome to join our factory!

Q2: How do you ensure the normal operation of this machine?
A2: Each machine is tested by our factory and other customers before shipment. We will adjust the machine to the best effect before shipment. During the warranty period, spare parts are always available and serve you free of charge.

Q3: How to install this machine after it arrives?
A3: We will send engineers overseas to help customers install, debug and train.

Q4: Can we select the language on the touch screen?
A4: No problem. You can choose Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Korean, etc.

Q5: How do we choose the machine that suits us?
A5: 1. Tell us the material you want to fill, and we will select the appropriate machine type for your reference
2. After selecting the appropriate machine type, please tell me the filling capacity of the machine you need
3. Finally, tell me the inner diameter of your container to help us choose the best filling head diameter for you

Q6: How do we guarantee the quality?
A6: Quality control based on ISO 9001 and GMP requirements, all processes under QA monitoring, and final inspection and testing before shipment

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