Индивидуальные 0,75 кВт 1,5 кВт 2,2 кВт 3,7 кВт 220 кВт 450 кВт 3 фазный преобразователь частоты низкого напряжения для металлургии

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Product Overview


Product Description

FD100 Series
The FD100 series frequency converter is a high-performance frequency converter independently developed, designed, and produced by FGI. As the company's future main model, this series of frequency inverters has fully researched market demand, adopted a new structural design, optimized hardware and software configuration, achieved higher performance and precision motor speed control.

We have always adhered to the use of standardized and refined management processes, starting from every detail and continuously improving the stability and reliability of our variable frequency drives (VFD).

This series of AC drives, with their stable and reliable operating performance, is highly trusted by customers and widely used in industries such as textiles, paper making, machine tools, packaging, food, fans, water pumps, and various automated production equipment.

Technical specifications

Technical Index

Input voltage
3AC 380~460V (-15%~+20%)
Input frequency

Output voltage
0~rated input voltage
Output frequency
Vector control: 0~500Hz
V/f control: 0~2000Hz

Control Features

Control mode
V/f control
Sensorless vector control (SVC)
Close-loop vector control (FVC)
Operation command mode
Keypad control
Terminal control
Serial communication control (Modbus)

Frequency setting mode
Digital setting, analog setting, pulse frequency setting, serial communication setting, multi-step speed setting & simple PLC, PID
setting, etc. These frequency settings can be combined & switched in various modes.
Overload capacity
G model: 150%/60s, 180%/3s
P model: 120%/60s, 150%/3s

Starting torque
0.25Hz/150% (SVC);
0.5Hz/150% (V/f),
0Hz/180% (FVC)
Speed control precision
±0.5% (SVC)
Carrier frequency
0.5~16.0kHz, automatically adjusted according to temperature and load characteristics
Frequency accuracy
Digital setting: 0.01Hz
Analog setting: maximum frequency ×0.025%
Torque boost
Automatically torque boost; manually torque boost: 0.1%~30.0%

Control Features
V/f curve
Three types: linear, multiple point and square type (1.2 power, 1.4 power, 1.6 power, 1.8 power, square)
Acceleration/deceleration mode
Straight line/S curve; four kinds of acceleration/deceleration time, range: 0.0~6500.0s

Braking unit
1.5~22kW: standard build-in.
30~37kW optional for build-in
>37kW, external braking unit..

DC braking
DC braking when starting and stopping
DC braking frequency: 0.0Hz~maximum frequency, braking time: 0.0s~36.0s
Jog operation
Jog operation frequency: 0.0Hz~maximum frequency
Jog acceleration/deceleration time: 0.1s~6500.0s
Simple PLC & multi-step speed operation
It can realize a maximum of 16 multi-step speeds running via the built-in PLC or control terminal.

Built-in PID
Built-in PID control to easily realize the close loop control of the process parameters (such as pressure, temperature, flow,
Automatic voltage regulation
Keep output voltage constant automatically when input voltage fluctuating

Control Function
Torque limit
“Rooter” characteristics, limit the torque automatically and prevent frequent over-current tripping during the running process
Wobble frequency control
Multiple triangular-wave frequency control, special for textile
counting control
Timing/length/counting control function
Over-voltage & over-current stall control
Limit current & voltage automatically during the running process, prevent frequent over-current & over-voltage tripping

Fault protection function
Comprehensive protections include over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, overheating, default phase, overload, shortcut, etc.,
can record the detailed running status during failure & has fault automatic reset function

Input/output terminals

Input terminals
Programmable digital inputs: DI1~DI6, DI5 can be used as high speed pulse input terminal.
Programmable analog inputs: AI1, AI2 (compile with both 0~10V & 4~20mA).

Output terminals
Programmable digital outputs:
2 relay outputs
2 open-collector outputs, FM can be set as high speed pulse output terminal (0~100kHz).
Programmable analog outputs: AO1, AO2:(compile with both
0~10V & 4~20mA).
Communication terminals
Standard RS485 communication interface, support MODBUS-RTU communication protocol
Human machine interface
LED display
Display frequency setting, output frequency, output voltage, output
current, etc. Two lines display

Human machine interface
LED display
Display frequency setting, output frequency, output voltage, output
current, etc. Two lines display
Multi-function key
MF.K key, can be used as multi-function key

Ambient temperature
-10℃~40℃ (>40℃, output derated), without direct sunshine.
95%RH or less (non-condensing)
≤1000M: output rated power, >1000M: output derated
Storage temperature

0.0184 s.