Лучшее качество ржи для прорастания, содержит растительные белки, йод, магний, калий и железо, зерно (11000009646283)

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Rye is a cereal crop that is grown extensively for its grains as well as for its forage. Scientifically known as 'Secale Cereale', it belongs to the wheat tribe 'Triticeae' and is mostly used as flour, rye bread, rye beer, and as animal feed. Although it is not consumed on a wide scale as compared to wheat, it is still grown extensively in many parts of the world, especially in areas where difficult conditions do not permit the growth of wheat. Almost one-third of the total rye production in the world is used in the form of human food.


Rye grain is closely related to wheat and is used mainly as a bread grain. Rye lacks glutenous proteins so if often conbined with a wheat grain. Pure rye baked goods are heavier, denser and darker than wheat bread. Grains are small, hard, dry seeds, with or without attached hulls or fruit layers, harvested for human or animal consumption. Rye is milled into flour for bread, pumpernickel and crisp bread. It is also used to make beer, whisky and vodka. In agriculture, rye is used for animal fodder.


Health Benefits of Rye :

  • Boosts Blood & Circulation

  • Maintains Bone Health

  • Controls Diabets

  • Anti-Oxidant

  • Fibre Rich

  • Aids Digestion

  • Protects Skin

  • Prevents Asthma

  • Reduces Stress Levels

  • High Folate Levels

 Product Name Whole Rye Grain
 Crop Current year
 Taste Good
 Quallity Top Grade
 Moisture 2 - 5% Max
 Protein 14% Min
 Whole Grains


 Broken Grains 2% Max
 Purity 99%
 Shelf life 24 Months
 Brand Name TRN
 Model number Premium
 Place of Origin USA



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