Плазменный источник питания LGK 200 Amp, плазменный резак IGBT 200 (1600067732608)

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Product Overview


LGK 200 Amp Plasma Power Source IGBT Plasma Cut 200


Product Description

1. Outlook



2. Machine introduction

Use soft switch inverter technology, imported IGBT and microcrystalline core as a core component.

Use compressed air as cutting gas source, cost-effective ,high efficiency

Plasma arc is stable. Fast speed . smooth cutting kerf, deformation is little. Drag is little.

Can choose contact type and non-contact two arcing way.


 3. Application

¨Applicable to cutting stainless steel, steel alloy, cast iron, carbon steel, copper, aluminium, manganese, comprehensive sheet, etc

¨Cutting speed is fast, cutting edge is narrow and tidy, deformation is very small, saves material

¨Using cheap compressed air for cutting, cost is low

¨Operating is simple, easy to learn, safe to use, convenient to move


4 Features

This series of cutting machines adopt IGBT inversion technology, reliability and efficiency are high, weight is low, are specially equipped for CNC machines, robot cutting, etc

¨With function of preset current, cutting current is preset accurately, applicable to cutting different materials, low current for thin plates, powerful current for thick plates. Cutting quality is guaranteed, it’s also energy-saving.

¨External characteristic and dynamic characteristic are significantly superior to leakage impedance cutting machines, success rate of arc ignition is high, cutting current is very stable, arc deflection is good, cutting edge is smooth and tidy

¨ Has current inch-up function when arc ignition and cutting, can greatly prolong the service life of electrodes and nozzles of the cutting torch.

¨ Built-out HF arc ignition box, interference in the system is small

¨ Has function of presetting, saving, transferring all cutting parameters.

¨ Specially applicable to CNC automatic cutting, has all signal output for CNC controlling 

¨ Cutting current is very stable, voltage vibration of the power grid doesn’t affect the cutting current

¨ 100% duty cycle, the machine can cut with the top current for a long time without stopping.

¨Has protective function of over-voltage, under-voltage, phase failure, over-heating, water-pressure insufficiency, gas-pressure insufficiency


5. Technical parameters

Shell protective rating


Rated input voltage


Rated input capacity


Rated output current


Rated output voltage


Rated duty cycle


No-load current


Current adjustment range


Insulation rating

Grade F

Quality cutting thickness(iron)


Max cutting thickness(steel)


Gas for plasma

Compressed air

Gas pressure


Cooling mode of cutting torch

Water cooling/gas cooling

Arcing mode

HF arc ignition


 6. Working photos

With cutting machine 2With cutting machine 1With cutting machine 4With cutting machine 5



7. Cutting samples

sample 4


8. Our services

- 1 year's warranty

- Trouble-shooting by video or remote-control software

- Video technical support

- On-line service


9. Other products

HP 100A-1















Company Information


Xuzhou Haibo CNC Technology Co.,Ltd is a company integrating R&D, production and sales. The company started from year 2000 when we developed software of engraving machines. The company was incorporated in 2003, producing CNC engraving machines. In 2005 we started developing software of CNC cutting machines. In 2007 we started producing CNC cutting machines. Currently our products are various CNC Plasma Cutting Machines, CNC Flame Cutting Machines, Fiber Laser Cutting Machines, etc. The company has its own patented controlling system, products have been exported to Poland, Russia, Ukraine, India, Egypt, Thailand, etc.








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