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Our 360-degree toothbrushes are made using advanced technology carefully developed through many years of technological innovation and are protected by a manufacturing patent. One of our
360-degree toothbrushes has more than 15,000 bristles, which is 15 to 20 times more than an average toothbrush. This large amount of ultrafine bristles gently and quickly removes food particles from your teeth and also provides a high level of plaque removal preventing tooth decay.

The 15,000 ultrafine bristles are also effective at promoting healthy gums. Our ultrafine 0.08mm bristle gently fits uneven tooth surfaces and provides excellent oral care. The 360-degree toothbrush features bristles in every direction, eliminating the need to rotate your wrist when brushing as with typical toothbrushes. In addition, our 360-degree toothbrush is made entirely of resin and contains no metal. This means that the toothbrush can be maintained using chlorine sterilization. The soft ultrafine bristles prevent damage to tooth surfaces and can also be used as a tongue cleaner and gum massager.

Feel the exhilaration of a whole new way to clean your teeth with the 360-degree toothbrush!

<Recommended Models>
'Baby-Plus' for infants who have just grown their first teeth.
’Baby-Plus’ for toddlers and children that can brush on their own.

<How to use>
For 360 degree toothbrushes, brush your teeth vertically and horizontally as you would a typical toothbrush.
It is not necessary to rotate the toothbrush 360 degrees.
You can brush your teeth easily without worrying about the angle.

<Additional Information>
Our 360-degree toothbrush has won both the "Good Design Award","Omotenashi Selection 2018" and "Omotenashi Selection 2019" in Japan.
This award is given for excellence in hospitality products and services with careful consideration and craftsmanship that best represent Japan, and are created by judges from all over the world!
Also, Our factory have already had ISO9001.

Company Profile

We, STB Higuchi Co. Ltd, has created a 360-degree toothbrush like no other, featuring extra fine nylon thread oriented in a 360 degree pattern around the head of the brush.
Using technology we have carefully developed, our company has successfully manufactured it, giving it a completely new shape and feel. More importantly, we have obtained a manufacturing patent to protect this original method. Our toothbrush is 100% made in Japan and has won many awards.
In addition, we also provide OEM services depending on their varying needs. Our toothbrush has an extensive lineup and an annual production rate of 3 million units.
Our 360-degree toothbrush is loved all over the world.

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