High Quality RS485/RS422/RS232 Industrial Control Signals Twisted Shielded Flexible Wire 2Core 0.3 Cable Electrical Wires Cables

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Product Overview


High Quality RS485/RS422/RS232 Industrial Control Signals Twisted Shielded Flexible Wire 2 Core 0.3 Cable

Product name:

Twisted pair shielded wire

Product model:

RVVPS 2*0.3

Product Description:


16/0.15 BC, thin copper wire stranded soft conductor structure;


 PVC new material, ID1.7, insulation color: red, blue;

Pair twist:

1 pair;


aluminum foil + braided pure copper wire mesh 80/0.08 BC;


black new material PVC, OD5.1, extrusion type;


 printing meter;


100 meters

Product Usage:

Twisted-pair shielded wire is suitable for power control signal transmission. The core adopts a twisted-pair structure, which has strong interference suppression capability. It is especially suitable for the transmission of RS485/RS422/RS232 industrial control signals, also called "RVSP" or "RVPS";

Control cable of medium-speed ball machine and high-speed ball machine;

Industrial bus communication control cable (refrigeration/air conditioning/computer communication);

Intelligent building control system shielding control cable;

M-BUS network signal cable;

Industrial control system wiring cable...


Product size/100 meters:


product weight:

5.4 kg

Product Model:

Rvvps 2*0.3mm2 / Rvvps 2*0.5mm2 / Rvvps 2*0.75mm2 / Rvvps 2*1.0mm2 / Rvvps 2*1.5mm2 / Rvvps 2*2.5mm2.

Rvvps 2*2*0.3mm2 / Rvvps 2*2*0.5mm2 / Rvvps 2*2*0.75mm2 / Rvvps 2*2*1.0mm2 / Rvvps 2*2*1.5mm2 / Rvvps 2*2*2.5mm2.

Rvvps 3*2*0.3mm2 / Rvvps 3*2*0.5mm2 / Rvvps 3*2*0.75mm2 / Rvvps 3*2*1.0mm2 / Rvvps 3*2*1.5mm2 / Rvvps 3*2*2.5mm2.

Rvvps 4*2*0.3mm2 / Rvvps 4*2*0.5mm2 / Rvvps 4*2*0.75mm2 / Rvvps 4*2*1.0mm2 / Rvvps 4*2*1.5mm2 / Rvvps 4*2*2.5mm2.

Industrial control system wiring cable2 Cores shielded flexible wire

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