new technology i3200 3050 DTF printer heat transfer paper digital pet film T shirt A3 dtf printer with powder machine orange (1600201856935)

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Product Overview


new technology i3200 3050 DTF printer heat transfer paper digital pet film T shirt A3 dtf printer with powder machine orange

Product Description


Printing width
Print head
Printhead qty.(pc)
Suitable media
A3 dtf printer PET film
Heating and drying function
Front guide plate heating,solidified upper drying,and cold air cooling function
Printing speed
TX600 2 print heads
6pass 2m2/h
8pass 1m2/h
TX600 4 print heads
6pass 5m2/h
8pass 3m2/h
XP600 2 print heads
6pass 5m2/h
8pass 3m2/h
i3200 2 print heads
6pass 6m2/h
8pass 4m2/h
Printing resolution
1440dpi max
2400dpi max
2400dpi max
2400dpi max
Heating method
Front guide plate heating(30-65℃)
Working environment
Temperature 15-30℃
Relative huidity
Rewinding function
Automatic induction rewinding
Rated power

Machine size
A3 dtf printer:1070mm×650mm×950mm
Powder shaker and dryer:850mm×560mm×600mm
Whole set size:1650mm×1070mm×950mm
Packaging Size
A3 dtf printer:1150mm×730mm×610mm,93kg
Powder shaker and dryer:850mm×560mm×600mm,60kg


DTF Printer Printing Process Steps Revolutionary new technology, digital textile printing Any fabric, any color, any part printing

Details Images

Capping station assembly
Lifting aluminum alloy capping station assembly, intelligent automatic cleaning and maintenance nozzle
Print head bracket
Aluminum alloy thickening integrated lifting print head bracket which is more convenient
Emergency stop switch
Power can be cut off quickly in an emergency

Button panel
English button panel, simplified operation, easy to understand
White ink stirring
Automatically agitate the white ink intermittently when the printer is turned on, to circulate the ink cartridge and prevent clogging
White ink circulation
Automatically turn on the circulating pump intermittently when the printer is turned on, to circulate the ink of pipeline and prevent clogging

Platform heating
Preheat the printing picture in advance to facilitate powder loading
Heavy pressure roller
Bold paper roller and high elastic spring, effectively guarantee the accuracy and stability of printing paper
Automatic feeder
The resistance of the paper feeder can be adjusted, and the maximum load-bearing capacity of the 5cm steel pipe is 70kg

Suction printing platform
Fully sealed suction structure and silent suction fan design, which reduce working noise; built-in platform heating which fast drying picture
Metal reflector
The left side of the printer body platform is a mirror panel, which is convenient for users to check the condition of the nozzle
Powder shaking motor
Speed could be adjusted and the powder could be shaked cleanly

Powder feeding shaft
Could feed the powder automatically and spread the powder evenly
Drying area
Lengthened and widened drying heating area, which could heat the material evenly
Fume exhaust port
could be matched with a fume exhaust machine, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free

24 hours online service
*16 years experience in foreign trade
*Professional product knowledge

Why buy TF-30 DTF printer?

▶ 14 dollar profit for one tshirt printing 
 ▶ 2400 dollar profit for one day tshirt printing
 ▶ 82000 dollar profit for one month tshirt printing

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Online after sales

A3 DTF printer manual and video tutorial

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1. Q: What materials can DTF printer print on?

A: No choice of fabrics, wide applicability, both light and dark fabrics 
2. Q: What products can print on using DTF Printer?

A: You can print on T-shirt, Hoodies, Jeans, Swimsuit, Polo, Pillow, Hat, Shoes, etc. 
3. Q: What different between DTF printing and traditional heat transfer printing? 
A: DTF printing does not require engraving and waste disposal, and the process is simple. The most important thing is that the heat transfer of dark fabrics is directly printed with color and white, and dark fabrics can be directly transferred as light fabrics.
4. Q: What different between DTF printer and DTG printer?

A: Different printing process, DTG is printed directly on the textile fabric, while DTF is first printed on the PET film and then transferred to the textile fabric. 
5. Q: Can the DTF printer print on dark fabrics? 
A: Yes, DTF printer can print white color, so it can print on dark fabrics.
6. Q: What other equipment and materials are needed?

A: The equipment needed are oven and heat press machine; The materials needed are pet film, dtf powder and dtf ink. The overall solution is low investment cost. 
7. Q: Is the investment cost of the overrall solution high? 
A:The overall solution is low investment cost. The overall solution has a small footprint and is easy to move, providing convenience for small entrepreneurs. Effectively reduce inventory costs, only need to store PET film according to market conditions. 
8. Q: Where can I buy the spare parts and ink.

A: Our printer does not come with ink, if you need to buy with the ink together, please contact us. We also provide the spare parts, and printing materials, such as PET film, dtf powder, etc. If you need, please contact us.
9. Q: What is the warranty of dtf printer? 
A: Our factory provides one year of warranty, except print head and other ink contact parts. 
10. Q: How can we start to use the printer?

A: We will send the manual with the package of the printer. Please read the manual before using and operate strictly as manual. We will also provide teaching video and technical support online. 
11. Q: What about the maintenance of our printer? 
A: We suggest to click automatic cleaning every day. 
12. Q: Does the price include the customs duties?

A: The price does not include the customs duties and other fee.

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