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Product Overview






 Product Name: Benzoic acid
Grade Standard: Food Grade
Appearance: White Crystalline Powder
Purity: 99.0%min
Packaging: 25kg/carton drum
Test method: HPLC


Benzoic acid is a mono-functional, romatic acid, which is widely used as a building block for the synthesis of alkyd resins. It is also used as a preservative in many industrial applications, such as antimicrobial agent of latex, toothpaste, jam, dyeing and printing mordant, pharmaceutical and dye intermediates for preparing plasticizer, spices and the like, rust inhibitor of steel equipment and so on.




Benzoic acid is bacteriostatic and fungistatic under acidic conditions. It is most widely used in acidic foods, also used as a preservative in medicines and cosmetics.


Used in fireworks as a fuel in whistle mix, a powder that emits a whistling noise when compressed into a tube and ignited;


The fuel is also one of the fastest burning rocket fuels and provides a lot of thrust and smoke


Used to keep many different types of metals from rusting.


Used as a corrosion inhibitor in engine coolant systems.


Application :

1. Benzoic acid can be used as the chemical reagents and preservatives;
2. Benzoic acid is an important type of food preservative.
3. Benzoic acid is an important acid type feed preservative;
4. Benzoic acid can be used as a flavoring agent or preservative. Also can used as a flavoring agent for fruit juice drinks. still can be used for the cream sweet perfume fragrance.
5. Benzoic acid can also be used for chocolate, lemon, orange, berries, nuts, candied fruit and other edible flavor type.
6. Benzoic acid can be used for dye intermediates, pesticides, plastic agent, mordant, medicine, spices, also can be used as alkyd resin and polyamide resin modifier for the production of polyester, terephthalic acid and used equipment, iron and steel anti rust agent.














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