Воск OPE (окисленный ПЭ воск) (1600307397449)

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BN500 ope wax



The PE wax certificate of  analysis is describing as follow:


Softering Point(c) 100-115
Density(g/cm3) 0.93
 Acid Value mgKOH/g 10-30
 Color White
 Outward Appearancesmall granule




Compared with PE Wax, The molecule structure of OPE Wax have some hydroxyl groups on them. So the intermiscibility with the polar resin will been improved a lot. It is better than PE wax when it is with the polar material such as rubber, plastic, paraffin. It is balance on PVC inside and outside lubrication. It is better than other lubricant when the OPE Wax used for hard and transparent PVC processing.
1, As an inside dispersant for color master batch processing.
2, As an inside lubricant for PVC profile, pipes, plastic forming process, it can improve the toughness of the plastic products and make the product surface smooth with high pass rate.
3, In the process of PVC film production, it can improve the gloss and transparency of the film. It can also improve the horizontal and vertical toughness of the films.
4, For water-based paint and ink, the paint coat, polishes and textiles, it can reduce the friction coefficient in order to improve the surface properties, for example the scratch resistance and abrasion resistance.
5, It can improve the softening point of wax product, increase the intensity of the wax products the make the surface gloss. When the candle burning, safe, bright and black smoke.
6, In the textile, it can improve the sewability and fabric cutting performance, extend the useful life of the cutting machine.
7, It can be emulsified in papermaking, printing and dyeing and other industries.

8, For the production of hot melt adhesive.






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