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Product Overview


Product Overview

SC200/200 series construction elevator
SC series construction elevator is a new generation of construction elevator products designed and launched by Shandong Gao 'an Construction Machinery Co., LTD. It has advanced technical performance, safe and reliable use, convenient maintenance and other remarkable characteristics. It is the most ideal vertical transportation equipment for modern building construction.The lifting weight is from 1000kg to 2000kg, and the running speed is from 26m/min to 33m/min. After the installation of inverter control, stepless speed regulation can be realized from 0 to 60m/min to meet the needs of different users.

Features and Configuration

The characteristics of
1. Safety protection device is complete and reliable. With national patent technology of anti-fall safety device, make the reliability of this machine in the first of similar products.
2. Combined design, through different collocation, can be combined out of different speed, different weight of the elevator
specifications. The standard, practicability and universality of the products are greatly improved.
3. Smooth operation and comfortable ride. Because the machine will drive unit above the top of the cage, so that the cage headroom increases; At the same time, it also makes the transmission more stable, the mechanical vibration is smaller, and brings a comfortable and spacious environment to the construction operators.
4. Overweight protection, more effective to ensure the use of equipment safety.

Series of parameters


Rated Load
2 x 2000
Double cage
Install/disassemble Reted load
2 x 1000
Double cage
Lifting Speed
Reducer Ratio 1:16
Max. Height
Cage Dimension(LXW)
m x m
Distance Between Foundation And Cage Bottom
Distance between Anchor
Free End Height
Power Supply
Motor Power
Rated Current
Inverter Power
Safety Device Model

Introduction to working mechanism

Drive system
Drive system: by power frame and drive unit composition. The lower end of the power frame is aligned with the top of the hanging cage, and two pairs of rollers are attached to the two columns for guiding. The upper end of the power frame and the rail frame have two pairs of rollers to ride the column. The chassis is equipped with two/three drive units.The drive unit is composed of motor, electromagnetic brake, elastic coupling, reducer and transmission gear, etc.

Guide frame
The guide rail frame is the running track of the elevator, which is composed of a length of 1508mm standard section through the connection bolt M24×240 connection, and the bolt pretightening force is not less than 30kg.m. The standard section is welded by seamless steel pipe, bending piece and steel pipe, and is equipped with rack, which is fastened by three inner hexagon screws and can be replaceable The lower end of the four main chord rod of the standard section is welded with a stop, and the lower end of the rack is provided with a positioning pin, so that the accurate positioning of the standard section is installed. The standard section size is 650×650mm square section. The guide rail frame is connected to the building by an attachment frame

Top institutions
The limit device includes the upper and lower travel limit bumping block and the upper and lower travel limit bumping block, the upper and lower travel limit bumping block to ensure the upper and lower travel limit bumping block to ensure the upper and lower cage running at the specified position automatically cut off the power supply to stop the lift operation.The limit bump ensures that the main power supply will be cut off immediately when the cage continues to operate after the upper and lower limits due to the failure of the limit switch, so that the cage system will stop, ensuring that the cage will not fall off the top when running up and will not hit the bottom when running down.

Hoisting cage
The hanging cage is made of steel, punched plate and pattern plate welded into a fully enclosed structure, the top is provided with an exit door, for the use of personnel up and down, the cage inlet door and the exit door are suction doors. The hoisting cage is equipped with an electrical interlock device. When the cage door is opened, the hoisting cage will stop working to ensure the safety of the personnel in the hoisting cage. A driver's cab is installed on the side of the hanging cage for the driver to operate. All operating switches are located in the driver's room. There are 12 guide rollers running along the guide rail frame on the hanging cage.

The process flow

Structural parts forming
Apply laser detection, multi-point deflection compensation and other technologies to achieve high-precision molding such as standard joints and booms.
The coating part
Using automatic spraying, quaternary hot air circulation baking paint, electrostatic spraying and other technologies, the paint adhesion and corrosion resistance have reached the highest level in the industry.

About us

Company profile
Shandong Gao an Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with a registered capital of 15 million yuan. The factory covers an area of more than 6000 square meters and has more than 80 employees. Gao an company mainly operates all kinds of tower cranes and construction cranes, the product performance is stable, reliable performance, low maintenance rate, convenient installation and disassembly. GaoAn (GaoAn) construction machine adhering to the "god rewards those who work hard, humane value" enterprise nest culture, after nearly ten years of sustainable development. Gao an brand has covered more than 80 countries and regions. Gao an group's products, especially the "large tower crane" products with leading advantages, for the world is committed to participate in the construction of kirchu, high-rise building users, to provide quality products and after-sales service.

The main products
The main products of the company are :QTZ63 series, QTZ80 series, QTZ100 series, QTZ125 series, QTZ160 series, QTZ200 series, QTZ250 series, TC type, PT type tower crane and SC200 construction elevator series. Related accessories are provided by schneider and other well-known suppliers, our products are made of Q355B manganese steel and other special high grade steel, standard derrick cross section size specifications are complete, can be customized according to customer requirements of various fixed derrick and plate derrick cross section size.

Gaoan spirit

Our strengths

The related certificate

Packaging or logistics

Our services


Q1: Are you a trading company or a factory?
A1: We are a trading company and have our own factory. We have both the price advantage of the
factory and the thoughtful service of the trading company; and the advantage of taking responsibility.
Q2: Can you OEM production?
A2: Yes, we can customize the production according to the drawings.
Q3: How long is your delivery time?
A3: If the goods are in stock, usually 5-10 days. Or if the goods are not in stock, then 15-20 days,
depending on the quantity.Always welcome you to visit China for ordering!
Q4: Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A4: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.
Q5: Is it convenient to see visit your factory ?
A5: Yes,we welcome every customer to visit our company.
Q6: What is your steel material?
A6: Q355B,Q235B

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