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ZRTBBZ(6~35) high voltage automatic reactive power compensation equipment

1. An overview of the

ZRTBBZ type high voltage automatic grouping reactive power compensation complete set device (the following simple price device), ZRTBBZ type high voltage shunt capacitor device is mostly cabinet structure or frame structure.

When cabinet type structure, many cabinets assemble in turn. The whole cabinet adopts high quality cold rolled steel plate bending welding or aluminum zinc plate bending assembling. Front and rear single or double doors, top, bottom and side sealing plates, with ventilation and heat dissipation Windows. An instrument room is arranged on the upper part of the cabinet body to arrange and arrange the relay protection device of the unit cabinet

When the frame structure, by the line isolation switch gantry frame, arrester bracket, capacitor bank frame, series reactor composition, the whole device periphery using steel mesh fence.

The device adopts the vacuum contactor or vacuum circuit breaker and voltage reactive power automatic control device to realize the automatic cutting and control of the capacitor group, to automatically adjust the bus voltage and reactive power compensation, improve the voltage qualified rate and power factor for the purpose of the new device, and has safe and reliable, convenient and flexible, and make full use of capacitor capacity, improve the operation efficiency, etc.

According to the total amount of reactive power that needs to be compensated, the connected capacitor can be automatically switched on and off as a whole group or designed into several groups with equal or unequal capacity according to the requirements and needs. The automatic switching device detects the voltage and reactive power of the power grid, and achieves the purpose of automatic switching capacitor with reasonable control and protection.

The device is suitable for 220kV and below substations in power plants, electric power bureaus and large factories and mines. The power supply system of 6~10kV and frame structure are widely used in the power supply system of 6~66kV. As automatic reactive power compensation and control, the switching function of capacitors is used to achieve the COS or Qc value set by users. Make the system voltage, reactive power automatically in the best state.

The automation degree of the device can be combined with the substation integrated automatic monitoring device to realize the reactive power compensation of unattended substation, high reliability. The device is given priority to with single parallel capacitor element, is equipped with a single capacitor protection with fuse, discharging coil, zinc oxide lightning arrester and CKS mouth dry series reactor (the reactor can be partition peripherals), and the reliable without renewed and bounce of the vacuum contactor, vacuum circuit breaker or sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker as a parallel capacitor group of group of automatic cutting equipment, The connecting bus adopts copper bar tin plating, and its appearance.

2. Implementation of standards

GB 50227-2008 "Code for design of shunt capacitor Devices"

JB/T7111-1993 "High voltage Shunt Capacitor Device"

DL/T 604-1996 "Technical conditions for ordering high voltage Shunt capacitor Units".

3. Use environmental conditions

3.1 Cabinet type indoor use, frame type outdoor use;

3.2 The altitude shall not exceed 1000m; (More than 1000m will be required)

3.3 Ambient air temperature -25 ~ 40°C; Indoor ventilation, good heat dissipation;

3.4 Relative humidity: daily average ≤ 95%, monthly average ≤ 90%;

3.5 The surrounding air is free from serious pollution such as corrosive gas and water vapor. No combustible gas, no fire, no explosion danger

3.6 Places without frequent severe vibration.

3.7 The network connected to the installation site or the bus voltage power supply side should have no large waveform distortion and no influence of higher harmonic sources, and the voltage waveform distortion rate and harmonic content should not exceed the provisions of GB/T14549-93 "Voltage Quality, Harmonics in public Power grid".


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1.What's the order process?

1)Inquiry---provide us all clear requirements (total qty and package details).

2)Quotation---officaial quotation from with all clear specifications from our professional team.

3)Marking Sample --- confirm all quotation details and the final sample.

4)Production---mass production. 5)Shipping---by sea or by air.


2.What terms of payment you use?

As for the payment terms,it depends on the total amount.


3.How do you ship the products?

By Sea ,By Air ,By courier, TNT , DHL, Fedex, UPS Etc. It is up to you .


4.What is the average delivery time?

Sample usually takes about 10-20days depending on product type. Bulk order usually takes about 35 days.


5.How would I get a price list for a wholesaler ?

Please e-mail us, and tell us about your market with MOQ for each order. We would send the competitive price list to you ASAP.



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