Пищевой и промышленный этиловый спирт cas 64-17-5

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Ethanol (ethanol) is an organic compound, the structural formula is CH3CH2OH or C2H5OH, the molecular formula is C2H6O, commonly known as alcohol
Ethanol is a volatile colorless and transparent liquid under normal temperature and pressure, and pure liquid cannot be drunk directly. The aqueous solution of ethanol has the smell of wine, and is slightly pungent and sweet. Ethanol is flammable, and its vapor can form explosive mixtures with air. Ethanol can be miscible with water in any ratio, and can be miscible with chloroform, ether, methanol, acetone and most other organic solvents
Ethanol can be used to make acetic acid, beverages, flavors, dyes, fuels, etc. Ethanol has a wide range of uses in the chemical industry, food industry, agricultural production and other fields.

molecular weight
melting point
-114.1 ℃
boiling point
78.3 ℃
0.789 g/cm³
Hazard symbol
Refractive index
1.3611(20 ℃)

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