1.5KW Long Service Life Paddle Wheel Aerator 4 Impeller Aquaculture Machine Aerators

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Paddle Wheel Aerator

water paddlewheel aerator

Jinhulong paddle wheel aerator tested by the China National Fisheries Machinery and Instrument Quality Supervision and Inspection Centr in July 2009,all nine parameters show that Jinhulong paddle wheel aerators have proved to meet the requirement of industrial standard SC/T6017-1999,including oxygen transfer rate at 2.59kg/h,surpassing the standard 36.3%
power efficiency at 1.71kg/k.W.h,surpassing the standard 36.8%.All test results show our paddle wheel aerator will make significant effect on sewage discharging at the bottom of the semi-intensive and intensive ponds . The waterwheel aerator is mainly composed of five parts: motor, primary transmission big gear or reducer, frame, floating ship and impeller. During
operation, the impeller is driven to rotate by the motor through the primary transmission gear. Part of the impeller blade is submerged in the water. During the rotation, the blade hits the water surface at high speed, arouses water spray, and further dissolves a large amount of air to form dissolved oxygen. The oxygen is brought into the water and generates strong force. On the one hand, the surface water pressure is put into the bottom of the pool, On the other hand, push the water to make the water flow move and rapidly diffuse the dissolved oxygen.


1.Arcuate-bevel gears are used instead of worm gears, thereby
economizing on energy with high efficiency,and saving over 20% electric energy over traditional models.

2. The arcuate-bevel gear is made of chromium-manganese-titanium alloyed steel with carbonitriding on the surface, adding rigidity and providing longer service life.

3. Mechanical seal is used to ensure no oil leakage pollution.

4. Protector is installed inside the machine to avoid motor being burnt accidentally..

5. High efficiency oxygen transferring ability with 3.6kgs O2/h.

6. Have good water current circulation as the making of large area water wave.

7. Easy assortment, operation and maintenance 8. Durable service life.

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