Устройство для сортировки денежных средств, устройство для сортировки денежных средств с двумя отделениями, счетчик купюр с серийным номером (1600469075368)

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Product Overview


What makes our products unique?
GRACE products focus on precision engineering. Resulting in innovations that count mixed bills and detect counterfeit currency with speed and precision – reducing transaction times, inaccuracies counting by hand and maximizing productivity.
Why do we love what we do?
We love supporting our customers by providing them with innovative cash management products that are both durable and affordable.
What problem are we solving?
Constantly innovating currency handling solutions through our products focusing on efficiency, quality and security.

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GRACE GBS-3500 banknote counter improves operational efficiency with superior speed, fitness analysis, and authentication.

Multi-currency value count, detailed counterfeit analysis, and optical character recognition are all available features The GBS-3500 banknote counting and sorting solution offers: Best-in-class authentication for bank teller counter applications; a compact desktop solution for banknote counting and sorting challenges.

Lowest cost-per-note for count/authenticate functions, offering reliable, continuous and uninterrupted use plus denomination and authentication of up to 40 different currencies at a processing speed of up to 800 notes per minute.

Powerful, with advanced counterfeit notes authentication, fitness and serial number recognition capabilities.

Easy maintenance with full access to the note path, accessible sensors, and remote diagnostic support available, all in a compact, lightweight package.

Beijing Grace Ratecolor Technology Co., Ltd.
GRACE TECHNOLOGY formerly is an gent of International brands in China and now we offer OEM service for many international brands.At present, we have independent copyright software, and independently developed the banknote identification module. in terms of hardware, we have established a parts management system and a 6S quality management system.

From the small banknote sorter to the banknote sorting line, we have a complete solution for large cash handle processing. The banknote sorting line is modular and can be assembled from one banknote sorting and packing to dozens of banknote sorting and packing. We have many years of experience in serving the Bank cash processing Center and many solutions. It will make you feel more confident with your service to local banks.>>

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