Оригинальный производитель шоколадного сывороточного белка, снэки, органический протеин, Собственная торговая марка

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Product Overview


Company Profile

We are a real manufacturer
1.We provide the "production license" issued by the Chinese government, and you can entrust any agency to inspect our certificate.
Only with a production license is a real manufacturer and not a trader.

.2.We provide video factory inspection and on-site factory inspection. You will see the same workshop as the picture and video

Products Description

The meal replacement bar is a nutritionally balanced product that is convenient for daily consumption. Its calorie content is generally lower than that of ordinary diet.
* No concept of how much calories you have ingested?
* You feel hungry in the leisurely afternoon, but don't dare to eat snacks?
* Work too busy, no time to eat dinner?
* Camping doesn't want to waste too much space in the bag to hold food?
* During the body sculpting, do you want to eat snacks but fear that the calories are too high?
* When you are exercising, you need to eat high protein and low fat.

Market and product
Development trends
1. The growth of the meal replacement fat reduction market is slowing down, and the sports nutrition market is growing rapidly;
2.From the professional market for fat reduction or shaping to the mass market for healthy snacks;
3. The requirements for product consumption experience are getting higher and higher, more convenient, portable, and ready to eat after opening the bag;
4.Consumer demand has been upgraded from cheap and delicious to nutrition and health. Low sugar and high protein are the future development trends;

Cooperation mode
**If you have the formula, we guarantee the quality of your high quality OEM.
**If you don't have the formula, I can customize the formula you need for you, and make OEM/ODM plans for you. Our company can produce food bar, nutrition bar, energy bar, cereal bar, meal replacement bar, fruit and vegetable fiber bar,dietary fiber bar, whole grain meal replacement bar, fruit bar, nut bar and other products. According to your requirements to customize the taste, formula, packaging and dosage form customization.


Sports Nutrition Series
(Supplement Protein, Improve Strength)
Whey Protein Bars, Casein Bars, etc
Product Features
Rich in concentrated or isolated whey protein BCAA, creatine strengthening Low sweetness, low viscosity formula
Application Scenario
1. The general population: muscle building and shaping
2. Professional sports: bodybuilding, fighting, sprinting, etc.
3. Replenish protein and repair muscles after exercise
Weight Management Series
(Special Diet Weight Management)
Nutrition Bar, Mealreplacement Bar, ect
Product Features
Low sugar, low carbon water High protein, high dietary fiber Moderate fat
Application Scenario
Medical weight loss-special diet weight management
1. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) nutritional
2. Type 2 diabetes
3. Fatty liver
4. High fat, high cholesterol, high uric acid

Sports Nutrition Series
(Replenish Energy and Improve Endurance)
Product Features
Composite carbohydrate Energy Slow Release Technology Long-lasting energy supply, improve endurance
Application Scenario
1. Outdoor sports for the general population: such as mountain climbing, trail walking, cross-country, etc.
2. Professional crowd sports: marathon, triathlon, golf, etc. 3. Snacks to replenish physical strength and relieve hunge
Coated bar
Product Features
Compared with traditional powdered protein bars, soft sandwich protein bars have the following advantages:
1.Stronger flavor hierarchy
2. The taste is softer and does not stick to the teeth

WEIGHT AND SIZE customization

Packaging customization

Q1.Do you have MOQ?
Depends on different ideas, Can be negotiated. The larger the quantity is, the competitive the unit price will be. 
Q2.Should the customer pay the delivery fee,How much is it?
For the delivery fee,many samples are be requested to be sent,so we must get delivery fee.
If you tell me to use the appointed Express,you will give me your express account or you will pay according to the Express.
If you do not request,I will choose a cheap one in China.
Q3.How about the after sale service?
1)We will always keep the quality the same as the buyer's samples and if there is something with the quality,we will make compensation for our coustomers.
2)We will suggest our packing and take charge in our packing,we will keep the goods safe in the delivery.
3)We will trace the goods from the production to selling,we will solve the problems in the selling for our coustomers.
Q4.When can I get a price?
We usually quote within 24hours after we get your inquiry.
Q5. Are you a trade company or manufacturer?
We are a professional manufacturer with our own factory.
Q6. Can we do your private label and brand?
Yes, we can offer OEM and ODM services.

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