PGR Plant growth regulator Gibberellic acid GA3 90%TC, 20%SP, 10%Tablet, 20%Tablet

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Gibberellic Acid GA3 10% 20% Tablet 10tb 20tb
Gibberellic acid A3 GA3 is a kind of natural plant growth regulator, promote crop growth, early mature, improve quality and increase production.
It can be used for rice, wheat and barley, cotton, fruit, vegetables and other crops, promote its growth, sprout, blossom and bear fruit.

Product Name
ga3 gibberellic acid
Chemical Name
Gibberellin A3; Gibberellins;
Physical and Chemical Properties
90%TC、40%SP、20%SP: White powder crystal
20%TB、10%TB: White tablet
2.Empirical Formula: C19H22O6
3.Molecular Weight: 346.38
4.Melting point: 223-225°C
5.Precaution: Do not mix gibberellic acid with the alkaline solutions.
Low toxicity
Gibberellic acid is safe to human and livestocks. The acute oral dosage to young mice( LD50 ) > 15000mg/kg.


Gibberellins (GA3) belong to a natural plant hormones. It can stimulate plant stem elongation by stimulating cell division and elongation.
√ Break seed dormancy
√ Promote germination
√ Increase fruit setting rate
√ Raise the yield of rice, wheat, corn, vegetable, fruit, etc.

Do not mix gibberellic acid with the alkaline solutions.

1. Promote the formation of fruit-setting or seedless fruit. Spray 50-100mg/kg liquid medicine once during the flowering period of cucumber to promote fruit-setting and increase yield. 7-10 days after the grapes bloom, spray the ears of muscat grape with 200-500mg/kg liquid medicine once to promote the formation of seedless fruits. 2. Promote vegetative growth: Spray 50-100mg/kg of celery leaves once 2 weeks before harvest; spray 1-2 times 3 weeks before harvest of spinach to increase the stems and leaves. 3. Break dormancy and promote germination. Soak the tuber with 0.5-1mg/kg liquid for
30min before sowing potatoes; soak the seeds with 1mg/kg liquid before sowing, both can promote germination. 4. Anti-aging and fresh-keeping effect: Soak the base of garlic moss with 50mg/kg liquid for 10-30min, spray 5-15mg/kg liquid once for citrus green fruit, and soak the fruit with 10mg/kg liquid after banana harvest. , Cucumbers and watermelons are sprayed with 10-50mg/kg medicinal solution before harvest, which can play a role in preservation.


50-100mg/L, spray on flowers

Improve fruit setting; produce bigger fruits
10-50mg/L, spray on flowers
10-50mg/L, spray on flowers
20mg/L, foliar spray
20-50mg/L, spray on fruit cluster
20-40mg/L, spray on flowers
40-80mg/L, spray on flowers
30-40mg/L, foliar spray at stem elongation stage

Improve vegetative growth
50-100mg/L, spray whole plant at 15d before harvest 2 times with 3-5d interval
10-30mg/L, foliar spray at 20d before harvest 2 times with 3-5d interval
20mg/L, foliar spray at 14-leaf stage 2 times with 3-5d interval
0.5-1mg/L, tuber treatment for 30min
Improve seed germination; break dormancy
1mg/L, seed treatment
Cucumber/water melon
10-50mg/L, spray on fruits before harvest

Prolong fruit storage; delay fruit senescence
10mg/L, fruit treatment after harvest
10mg/L, spray on fruits at 20d before harvest

GA3 tablet
1 tablet for 20L water
individual package, convenient to use, also customized color-printed. Gibberellic acid tablet and adjusted GA3 purity for customer.

Functional characteristics:
1.Plant endogenous hormones, high activity;
2.Break seed dormancy to promote germination;Promote stem and leaf growth;
3.To promote the formation of flower preserving and fruit preserving or seedless fruits;Relieves aging and freshness;
4.Increase seed production yield;Promote mossy flowering.

Package and Delivery

GA3 powder: 1 kg/aluminium foil bag, 25 kg/paper drum
GA3 tablet: 
5g/tablet, 1000tablet/carton (20%TB)
10g/tablet, 500tablets/carton (10% TB)
* 24 hours by express
* 10 days by air
*15 days by sea
Shipping time by express
5-7 days by TNT, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS
Shipping time by air
7-10 days
Shipping time by sea
* South America: around 40-60 days
* Southeast Asia: around 10-25 days
* Africa: around 40 days
* Europe: around 35 days

Company Profile

PANPAN Industry CO., Limited was located in Zheng zhou National University Science Park.
It is a professional manufacturer and exporter who focus upon research, yielding, and sales of plant growth regulators, foliar fertilizer and pesticide.
With superior quality and competitive price, our products not only are sold well in China, but also exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South Africa.



Our service including:
1. Fast response and professional service.
Your enquiry will be replied within 24 hours, including holidays.
2. Quality-guaranteed products.
Our company is very strict in quality control, most of our customers are very satisfied with our quality, and returned to order from us again and again.
3. Rich exporting experience of Agrochemicals.
We have over 10 years of exporting experience, we can help you choosing the safest transportation method.
We will prepare a full set of documents for customs-clearance, send along with the cargo.
4. After-sales service.
Tracking your goods till received it, if any problems during the shipment, we will contact with the shipping company and solve it in time.
We're responsible for the product quality.
We'll provide professional technical information and service to all of our clients.



1. Q: How to confirm the product quality before placing orders?
    A: You can get free samples for some products, you only need to pay the shipping cost or arrange a courier to us and take the samples.
      You can also send us your product specifications and requests, we will manufacture the products according to your requests.
2. Q: How to start orders or make payments?
   A: You can send a confirmation by Inquiry or by Trade Manager, and we will send you Proforma Invoice with our bank details to your E-mail for your confirmation, and send it to your E-mail. You can make payment accordingly.
3. Q: How do you treat quality complaint?
    A: First of all, our quality control will reduce the quality problem to near zero. If there is a quality problem caused by us, we will send you free goods for replacement or refund your loss.
4. Q: Could you offer free sample for quality test?
    A: Free sample are available for customers. It is our pleasure for service for you.
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