high quality custom made stainless steel telescopic guideway cover protective bellow cover for cnc machine (1600501440943)

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Telescopic Steel Cover

Steel telescopic rail guards are a traditional form of protection for machine tools. In this field, steel telescopic rail guards are widely used to prevent the entry of chips and other sharp objects, and the cooling can be effectively reduced by certain structural measures and suitable scraping plates. Infiltration of liquid.


The steel plate shield has a good seal and can prevent iron filings, anti-cooling liquid and anti-tool accidents.
1. Sturdy and durable, stable operation, low noise and beautiful appearance. 
 2. Steel plate shield is suitable for high-speed motion machine tool guide rail protection is stable and no vibration noise. 
 3. The steel plate cover device not only protects the service life of the guard plate, but more importantly ensures the precision of the machine tool.

4. Steel plate shields Each of the guard plates is simultaneously pulled apart in parallel and simultaneously retracted in
parallel, running freely.
5. The steel plate shield does not disengage the guard plate, and there is a crash sound, which is both beautiful and improves
the service life of the guard plate.
6. On the basis of the original sealing strip, a layer of stainless steel cover is added to prevent the high temperature burn
strip of iron filings from rubbing into the rail surface and pulling the guide rail.

Product drawings and types


Stainless steel telescopic cover
Customized by customer requirement
Stainless steel
CNC machinery or cutting machine

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