Алюминиевые изогнутые линейные решетчатые диффузоры для кондиционера воздуха

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11HVAC system- JUSHENG-Air Linear Slot Diffuser


Product Description




1.Spiral duct costs less than traditional rectangular duct                                                                       

2.Spiral duct reduces HVAC system noise and cuts air leakage                                                            

3.Spiral duct simplifies air flow measurement                                                                           



a.Air conditioning (including high pressure and high velocity air distribution systems)

b.Ventilation (industrial & tunnel)

c.Warm air heating

d.Fume and dust extraction

e.Pneumatic conveying

f.Exhaust and air intake pipes




JUSHENG-Air Linear Slot Diffuser Date

AirflowRangeCMH L/M    CFM

1200 x 1 Slot 

160 – 20048-60112-114

1200 x 2 Slot


1200 x 3 Slot 


1200 x 4 Slot 

400-510114-142 240-300       


JUSHENG-Air Linear Slot Diffuser is mainly rated for supply but can be used as return unit or as combination unit as in the case with air-light fixtures. Our linear slot can be easily used with integrated ceiling system with appropriate installation accessory and special frame profile to match the ceiling design. Diffusers are available in 1 to 4 slots and in standard length of 1200 mm with end caps for plaster ceiling installation.  For installation on inverted ceiling Tee bar, the diffuser will be constructed of standard 1194 mm length to suit 1200 X 600 mm accessible ceiling system.  Standard length diffuser as such are available ex-stock in powder coated standard baked enamel RAL 9010.  However longer length up to a maximum of 2400 mm can be custom-made when required.  For length, longer than 2400 mm or continuous run linear slot diffuser, they may be formed by joining together 1800mm or 2400 mm diffusers with balance dimensions at each end.  Alignment pins and/or bracket may be supplied to ensure straight joints. In addition to straight length diffuser, customised curve shape diffuser with or without acoustic plenum may be available as shown.



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