Внутренний гипсовый порошок GRG, рельефный гипс, время настройки (1600519125053)

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Gypsum  Plaster Powder_01

GRG powder is mainly used for GRG ceiling art modeling, GRG curved panel, GRG carved board, GRG line, GRG special-shaped column, GRG background wall and GRG hollowed out products. It is a popular new environmental protection material in the field of building materials and decoration.


GRG powder features:

1 high strength and hard texture.

2. High whiteness, which can reach more than 90% without impurities.

3. The expansion is low, and the line products will not deform and bend.

4. No fluidity, convenient for construction operation.

5. The solidification time is fast, which can shorten the construction period, and the solidification time can also be adjusted according to the demand.

6. It has the effects of fire, moisture and sound insulation.


CategoryGypsum and products
Coefficient of expansion1‰
Main materialCaSO4(CaSO4.2H2O)
Initial setting time12-15 minutes
Final setting time40-45 minutes
Grade high quality
Standard consistency35%

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