High Accuracy Vacuum Conveyor With Powder Scale

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Pneumatic conveying systems
Pressure conveying systems are best employed where the product is to be conveyed from one feeding point to several delivery points
over long distances. Since the product has to be conveyed against the air pressure, locks or pressure vessels are required.
Product delivery is under atmospheric pressure and however simpler.
This pneumatic conveying system is specially designed for long distance big capacity conveying, it can convey up to 500meters in
horizontal distance, now this high efficiency conveying system has been widely used in chemical industry, plastic& rubber
industry, food industry, etc. our company has rich experience in providing system solution for powder/pellet material
conveyingmixing dosing handling, at domestic and abroad market, we have many succussful projects.
For plastic industry:
The plastic industry was one of the first industries to recognise the benefits of pneumatic handling of material and
processing,our company has designed and installed many turnkey systems for many polymar produceers and users, nowadays, this
pneumatic conveying system has been adopted and used for many window & door profile factory, PVC pipe factory, SPC/LVT/WPC
flooring factory,etc.
Our pneumatic conveying system characteristic:
* Extremely high efficiency
* Dust-free, closed system
* Hygienic and operator-friendly
* Space and height saving design
* Flexible configuration of pipes
* Reliable conveying
* Gentle and low-wear for product and plant
In principle, the conveying of bulk materials in the production process can now be automated in virtually all instances. A variety
of pneumatic conveying solutions is now available for use according to the respective bulk material, the nature of the task and
the available space.In principle, pneumatic conveying systems are differentiated in pressure and vacuum mode. A combination of
these both systems isalso possible.

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