Axial fan parts Aluminium alloy exhaust fan impeller with different types (1600533580920)

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Adjustable aluminum

 This blade is made by Precision die casting aluminum alloy forming, positioning by the clamp type wheel casing, and the angle can be adjusted according to user needs, Can also be adjusted to make the blades generate the reverse flow, realization of the need to reverse ventilation, can be divided into positive and negative blade symmetric positive and reverse direction ventilation. There are six kind of blade installation according to adjust the angle from 15° to 40°. 

Eight blades


Nine blades


Ten blades


14 small blades


14 wide blades



 · Integrated fans
· roof ventilators
· ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC)
· industrial fan applications

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 Xin fan - focus on the R & D and production of industrial fans and civil fans
Xinfeng integrates R & D, production, supporting customization and professional services to provide you with complete and high-quality solutions for building ventilation and process fans.
Xinfeng has more than ten national patents and has successively passed Guangdong high-tech enterprise certification, ISO quality system certification, national fire 3C certification and European and American CE certification. It is a member unit of the national fan Standardization Technical Committee, a vice president unit of Guangdong fan association and a standing director unit of Guangdong Manufacturing Association.
The value proposition of Xinfeng products is: reliable, convenient and novel. Reliability is the top priority of our products.
The products we provide for you are divided into four categories: commercial building fans, industrial process fans, municipal engineering fans, supporting customized fans, etc.
Commercial building ventilation products include: axial flow fan, pipeline centrifugal fan and roof fan.
Industrial process fan can meet various harsh industrial application environments such as high temperature, high pressure, explosion-proof and corrosion.
Reliable and economical fans for municipal engineering, such as the ventilation system scheme of subway and tunnel, are also worthy of your full trust.
Supporting customization to meet your personalized needs.
Our products are widely used in environmental protection and purification, industrial dust removal, building ventilation and exhaust, air conditioning engineering, fire smoke exhaust, environmental protection and dust reduction, as well as food machinery, printing and packaging machinery, coating machinery, kiln equipment, ceramic machinery, new energy machinery, chemical industry and other mechanical equipment, as well as various occasions of high temperature and high humidity corrosive gases.
Taking service as the core, Xinfeng company has always been our purpose to create the most valuable products for our customers and provide the best user experience.Xf-Slb-12-5c-ebp.jpg1653097687.jpg


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