ZCUT 9 эффективный смарт интеллигентая (ый) Упаковочный Инструмент клейкая лента для резки клейкой ленты курьера ПВХ Лента Автоматическая газорезательная машина

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ZCUT-9 Efficient Smart Intelligent Packaging Tool Adhesive Tape Cutting Machine Courier PVC Tape Automatic Cutting Machine

1.Reduce waste and environment protection, productivity improvement
2.Clipping and place tape, then in turntable press switch
3.Through the motion sensor cutting and cutting tape same length
4.Can cut the different types of tape, shear neat and clean
5.Freestyle spools, can place the tape different sizes
6.Through adjusting the length of the hand and spacing tape
7.Easy replacement blades without adjusting
8.Tape reference types: scotch tape, high-temperature adhesive tape, textured paper tape and more

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Available Length
Available Width
tape machine
5 - 999mm
6 - 60mm

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