High efficiency organic waste gas treatment equipment industrial regenerative thermal oxidizer (1600595145232)

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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer(RTO) is a kind of high efficient organic waste gas treatment equipment. Its principle is to oxidate organic compounds (VOCs) at high temperature from the exhaust gas into carbon dioxide and water, to purify the exhaust gas and the recovery of waste heat released by decomposition, It has high thermal efficiency (95%), low running cost ,dealing with large air volume low concentration gas, etc , RTO main structure is formed from combustion chamber,regenerator and switching valve.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly device for the treatment of volatile organic waste gas. Its extremely high VOCs removal rate and thermal efficiency can not only make the final emission meet the national emission control requirements, but also greatly reduce Waste gas treatment costs and reduce production energy costs.

The Environmental Protection Institute of Tianhua Institute is the birthplace of the first domestic RTO. The regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) developed by it has won the national patent (ZL012088404). Torch projects and national key new products have independent intellectual property rights and have been used in maleic anhydride, coating, coating, petrochemical, electronics and other industries. Because of their reliable operation, simple operation, low operating cost, high purification rate and energy saving The remarkable effect and other characteristics have been well received by industry insiders, and it has become the first choice for processing organic waste gas in various industries. For many consecutive years, it has ranked first in domestic sales of similar products and established a good brand.

1. High thermal efficiency (95% or higher), remarkable energy-saving effect. Under the suitable concentration of exhaust gas,Self heating operation can be realized(Such as toluene is 1.5g/Nm3).
2. High Purification rate , two beds type RTO purification rate is above 98%,three beds type RTO purification rate is above 99%. Low run maintenance cost.
3. Full automatic control, reliable operation, easy to operation.
4. Using multilevel security protection, safety equipment operation.
5. Can use catalyst to RCO(Regenerative catalytic oxidation furnace).
6.No secondary pollution
7.Long service life, low operating costs and simple maintenance

1.Apply to painting, coating, pharmaceutical, printing, semiconductor, petrochemical and other industries.
2. Quantity: 5000 ~ 100000 Nm3/ h
3. Component: complex, no recycling value, difficult to use again
4. Concentration: 1000 mg/Nm3< concentration < 25% LEL

Product Name
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
Waste Gas Treatment Equipment
Air volume
Application field
coating, pharmaceutical, printing, semiconductor, petrochemical
1000mg/Nm ~ 25%LEL
Gas Component
Complex(no recycling value, difficult to use again)
Work Principle
Change VOCs To CO2 And H2O
Thermal efficiency

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