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Cheapest shipping rates Door to Door service from China to countries all over the world. 
Sea freight,air freight,courier, express, door to door service.
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Ocean Freight

We handle movement of cargoes from any port in China, be it LCL, FCL, or special equipment. Our long-term service contracts with first-tier carriers ensure outstanding rates and services that fit your precise shipping objectives.

Air Freight

We offer sophisticated and innovative Air cargo services to your most time-sensitive, delicate, and high-value cargoes. Our customizable options bring added flexibility to your supply chain.


We cooperate with DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT AND ARAMEX, will give you the largest discount and the best service. 

Warehousing & Distribution (3PL)

We provide integrated warehousing and distribution services that can be customized to customer’s needs based on market conditions and the specific requirements for their products and materials.


We provide Ocean and Air cargo consolidation services - LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments from multiple shippers are consolidated and shipped in containers.

This provides significant cost savings for customers shipping smaller volume of goods.

USA Inland Transport

Amazon FBA Shipment/Guaranteed Delivery

We offer flexible and tailor-made road services to meet your inland transport needs. Whether it means providing Guaranteed LTL delivery, or TL, Amazon FBA shipments, our team seeks to understand your objectives and create solutions that deliver. 



International shipping can be unpredictable. Star cargo insurance gives you the peace of mind to know your company is protected from the things outside your control at any point in your cargo’s journey.


We will inspect and take pictures according to your request when loading. And send you inspection report within inspection day. 







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QQ: 1843310220


How to calculate the loading time?

Q: I am loading garden tools in three different factories. How can I calculate the appropriate loading time?

A: We will contact your suppliers and arrange the best loading time and schedule.

Is it necessary to insure the cargo?

Q:Is it necessary to insure the cargo?

A: According CIF insurance is not mandatory, but can be useful and we highly recommend it. Cargo insurance cover any cargo damage in any instance. Cost of the insurance is 0.3% of the declared cargo value.

Can you guarantee exact delivery date?

Q: Can you guarantee exact delivery date?

A: We can give you the approximate delivery date. Sometimes customs inspections, weather conditions can cause delays. We cannot guarantee the exact delivery date.

What is the minimum weight for Air Cargo?

Q: What is the minimum weight for Air Cargo?

A: The minimum weight we recommend is 100kg, less than that we recommend to be shipped via DHL, FedEx, UPS and so on. 

Why sea freight containers are reloaded in the transshipment ports on other ships?

Q: I heard that sea freight containers are reloaded in the transshipment ports on other ships. Why they do it? Can it be delivered straight to the final destination?

A: Ships which carry ocean containers are two different kind – ocean and feeders. Ocean container carriers are sailing intercontinental itineraries and the cargo volume is much bigger compared with the feeder service. Also the ocean carriers due to technical obstacles cannot dock in small ports, because of that many of the ocean freight lines have their own feeder service. Feeder service is mostly used for deliveries among ports not to far from each other. Feeder lines are used not only for sea transportation but to provide pre-carriage all over Europe.

What Markings Should My Cartons Have?

Q: The factory always asks about marking request. What markings should my cartons have?

A: Star Freight recommends having your supplier mark cartons with the following information:
Company Name: (your company’s name)
Product SKU: (your product SKU)
Country of Origin: (e.g. China)
Gross Weight: (weight of the carton, including packaging)
Net Weight: (weight of the products without packaging)
Carton Dimensions: (length X width X height)
Carton Series Count: (X of X)

If you are shipping to an Amazon FBA warehouse, Star Freight recommends that your supplier labels the cartons with the FBA labels. However, if your supplier is unable to label the cartons, the supplier must mark the cartons with the Amazon SKU (FNSKU).

What is Chargeable Weight?

Q: The final freight invoice is much more expensive than quotation. My shipment is charged by Chargeable Wight. What is Chargeable Weight?  

A: When shipping by air and by express, you’ll see both actual weight and chargeable weight in your shipment record.

Actual weight is the number you provide us with when you submit your initial quote request. We calculate your quote based on this number. Actual weight = gross weight.

Chargeable weight is the number on your invoice; it’s the amount the c
arrier charged to move your shipment. The chargeable weight is whichever of the following is greater:

The gross weight (including the product, packaging, pallet, etc.)
The volumetric weight

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