Контроллер скорости двигателя кВт, регулируемый привод скорости, 3 фазы, 50 Гц, 60 Гц, инвертор частоты Vsd, Сертификат Iso Ce

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Price:150,00 $ - 154,00 $
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Product Overview


Why choose us?
1. We offer the most cost-effective price.
1. We provide you with the most complete technical support and plan the overall scheme.
2. Strictly Control the whole production process and guarantee punctual delivery, Test each of our products one by one before packing to ensure the quality.
3. Supply you a good pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale Service. We're not just working partners, but a
lso Friends and Family.

Products Description

Input rated voltage and
1PH/3PH AC220V 50/60Hz;3PH AC380V 50/60Hz
Allowable voltage range
220V:187~253V;380V: 323V-437V
Output voltage
220V:0~220V;380V: 330V-440V
Analog input signal
In: 0~10v; 0~20mA
Analog output signal
0/4-20 mA
Output frequency
/ accuracy
0.00Hz~600.00Hz / 0.1Hz
Standard RS485 communication function (Modbus)
Protection mechanism
Overload protection, over-voltage protection can be set
under voltage protection
can be set, short circuit protection, over-current protection,
parameter locking
Overload protection
120% Rated current /60s
150% Rated current /3s
Protection class
IP20 (IP65 also available)
Ambient temperature
/ humidity
-10℃ to 40℃ (no ice) / below 95% (no condensation)
≤1000m (over 1000m, need to downshift)
4-digit nixie tube display, indicator light display, display
setting frequency,output frequency, output current, DC bus, etc
Installation mode
Wall mounted, standard 35mm guide rail installation (under 5.5kW)

1.Simple Operation
2. With Digital Display
3.panel desmontable
Control Board.
1.Low Frequency with High Torque
2.Automatic Voltage Regulation
PCB Board.
1.Aging Resistance
2.Acid & Alkali Resistance
3.Automatic painting with better quality

1.Powerful cooling fan system
2. low noise
3. Dust- proof
1.Capacitors from EPCOS of Germany which are
2.world famous capacitor manufacturers
Independent air duct.
1.Adapt to all kinds of complex and harsh field environments.

Application scenarios

fan,water puump,sewage teratment and other loads can be selected with the same power
Heavy loads such as injection molding machines,crushers, mixers, ball mills, rolling mills, winches, wire drawing machines, flat knitting machines,transport vehicles, Roots blowers, feeders, etc,need to increase the power by 1-2 gears.
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Order flow


Q1. what's the payment term? 

Q2. What is the standard of package? 
A1、Below 70kw, it's carton package 
A2、90kw and above,it's wooden package. 

Q3. Do you accept OEM business? 
 A1.We accept OEM with your authorization. 

Q4.How is the after-sale service? 
A1. We offer spare parts accordingly and English-speaking engineer offer online service. 

Q5. What’s voltage range and power range can support? 
A1、voltage range:Single-phase and Three-phase 220v input, three-phase 220v output;Single-phase 380v input, three-phase 380v output; 
A2、 power range:0.75kw to 630kw 

Q6.Do you support urgent orders? 
A1. Sure. We have an ERP management system. Once there is an inventory warning, 
A2. we will prepare materials in advance to meet the urgent needs of customers 

Q7.How to ensure product quality? 
A1. Our production strictly follow ISO9001 quality control system and CE certification.

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