therapeutic hypothermia therapy blanket ice blanket cold therapy hypothermia blanket for ICU

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Product Overview




Hot sell medical patient hypothermia therapy machine 




Advantages Of Antai Equipment:
1.Fully passed through the testing of EMC,strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability,Meet YY0505-2005 standard requirement,reliable safety
2.Portable,easy to move,saving space in the ward(the smallest type is only a little bit bigger than the computer)
3.The automatic computer control system with stable performance providing continuous operation
4.The imported compressor provide cold source, using environmental protection refrigerants without fluorine,low power consumption ,fast cooling system can save the time for rescuing
5.Temperature warming system is made of Silicon nitride heater with stable performance Large LCD display screen in 5.7 inch
6.low noise <=45db 
7.special cooling cap and blanket
  a.the cooling cap and blanket use TPU material with the features of low temperature resistance , ozone resistance and long service life.
  b.Unique honeycomb design, soft surface, can be folded, cleaned and disinfected easily.
  c.Good quality pipe connecting equipment to the cooling cap or blanket for water cycle circulation. build-in sensor is not easily falling off and easily operating
  d.Equipped with matching cloth cover on the surface to avoid the dew of the same specification.
  e. Material for newborne ,it is very soft to close to the skin directly.

Technical parameters:


 intelligent alarming functions: the voice/sound / light alert and the visible prompt in running status block.
    a. Equipment alarming: the system malfunctions.
    b. Over-temperature alarming: the water temperature exceeds 45ºC.
    c. Sensor alarming: the sensor falls off ,get short-circuited or damaged.
    d. Water-shortage alarming: the water level line below the working level.

 Clinical Applications: is Widely used for the physical cooling patients of traumatic brain injuries,brain edema,     cerebral hemorrhage, cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR), bone joint swelling, cranial hypertension, febrile     convulsion, central high fever, intracranial hemorrhage, etc. 

2. the instrument is applied to neurosurgery department, neurology department,  brain surgery department,          Anesthesia department, emergency department, neonatology department ,                                                        oncology department, The orthopedic department ,etc.

 Working principle:

1.Highly-efficient refrigeration system from imported compressor and fluorine-free refrigeration techniques to realize quick cooling.

2.after the water cycle circulation system and control system starting work.

3.the water temperature of cooling caps or blankets used for the patients changes as presetted slowly.

4. and then abtainning to the purpose of cooling or building an hypothermia circumstance for patients.












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