Дисковый диффузор для мелких пузырей воздуха из этиленвинилацетата 9 дюймов, диффузор для дискотеки, микромембраны для диффузора aireacion

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Plate series aerators are composed of chassis,air distribution disc, synthetic rubber diaphragm,compression ring, air guide plate, connecting base and connecting pipe connection piece.The base is made of ABS plastic,and EPDM rubber diaphragm covers the air flow plate. Under the action of the fixed ring, no air leakaae can be ensured around the diaphraam. A large number of evenly distributed holes are distributed on the rubber diaphraam.This kind of rubber diaphragm is made of multi-channel special processing technoloav, with stable performance and resistance to medium concentration of acid,alkali, oil and other media. It is an aerator put into engineering operation earlier.

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