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Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing innerspring mattresses, box spring mattresses, and non-innerspring mattresses
containing felt, foam rubber, polurethane, hair, or any other filling material; and assembled wire springs (fabric, coil, or box)
for use on beds, couches, and cots. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dual-purpose
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Product Name
Hotel Bed
pocket spring system
Berfa hotel offers you a group of beds. We care about attentive and quality sleep technology and your spine. We are happy to bring
together our katagori and luxurious painstaking handcrafted designs that you want.
Place Of Product
Kayseri, Turkey
Custom fabric.
Modes Of Packing
Packed in three cartons
Size changes on each Beds.
10 Years.

Company Profile

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Winner BERFA Group - Lavender Wool Pillow
The Sleep Expo Awards hosted by Sleep Expo Middle East recognises the excellent work of the Middle East and Africa’s Mattress Manufacturers & Suppliers, hotels, and bed retailers and identifies the ‘difference makers’ in the Sleep industry.

Berfa Group is one of the biggest Turkish Sofa Exporter . Berfa Group is doing export more then 60 countries all over the world.
-Bed of the year
-Pillow of the year


Berfa Group is one of the biggest Turkish Sofa Exporter . Berfa Group is doing export more then 55 countries all over the world.

As one of the leading brands in our field, we trade hotel beds and many furniture branches in Turkey, Kayseri.

Sleep Products.
Foam Mattress
Roll Pack Mattress Spring Mattress
Pocket Spring Mattress
Latex Mattress
Visco Mattress
Hotel Mattress
Guest Mattress Bed & Bed Base
Bed Sets Mattress
Covers Roll Away Bed Semi Mattress
Box Bed Pillow

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2.What is your delivery time ?
We offer our products service to you within 15-25 days.

3. How many years of experience does Berfa Group have in this sector and is it reliable ?

For more than 8 years, and with our isolation, we can enter the top 10 among the leading companies in our field with our quality,
decency and team, we continue our business by giving confidence to our customers.

As Berfa group, we try to do the best for you with our professional technical team. we are proud to be among the successful companies of our sector and offer you our quality products Dec.

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