Low Voltage Power Switchgear Cabinet Electrical Equipment Power Distribution Box (1600657449507)

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Product Overview


Products Description

Electric Cabinet
The cabinet structure is assembled, and the main frame is assembled with KB profile (C profile) The main frame is made of high-strength corrosion-resistant metal materials such as high-quality aluminum zinc coated steel plate, and the profile has good compressive strength and tensile strength; The profiles are all equipped with modular hole positions, which are installed through various connecting pieces, self tapping locking screws and hexagon bolts. It has the characteristics of convenient and flexible assembly and high precision.

The door plate and side plate of the cabinet body are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is treated by electrostatic spraying. The metal sections that may be touched by the human body to the metal structural parts are deburred. The door panel adopts the form of reinforced door ribs to maximize the strength of the door panel. Each functional room in the cabinet is clearly separated, which has higher safety and maintenance advantages.

Sheet metal material
Cold Rolled Sheet/Stainless steel sheet
Sheet thickness
RAL7032\\RAL7035(Common) or customized
Surface treatment
Powder spraying
Mounting Profile
Galvanized sheet, 2.0mm
Fully customized

The cabinet has novel structure, beautiful appearance, high bearing strength, multiple system options, convenient and fast daily maintenance and overhaul, high equipment protection grade, and safe and reliable operation.

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Company Profile

Liaoning Zhongkai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. The company has a complete and mature sales, design and production team, and has rich experience in the design, processing and manufacturing of high and low voltage switchgear and personalized non-standard products, as well as high-precision sheet metal products for more than ten years. The company covers an area of 20000 square meters, a construction area of 7000 square meters, and has more than 90 employees, including more than 20 professional and technical personnel of various types; The products are mainly sold to cities in the province, some of which are sold to domestic cities and countries and regions around the world.

The company has a wide range of products, which can process all kinds of high and low voltage standard cabinets, non-standard control cabinets, operation consoles, etc; At the same time, the company has rich experience in manufacturing various special materials, such as aluminum zinc coated plate and stainless steel plate. It can design and process its personalized products and high-precision sheet metal products according to customer requirements. The company produces three categories of products, dozens of varieties and more than 100 specifications.

The product processing and manufacturing has been fully controlled by cad/cam computer-aided system. It has a number of multi station CNC punches, CNC plate shears, CNC bending machines, bus processing machines, traceless spot welding machines and a flexible laser production line, as well as a surface spraying production line. The products can meet the needs of conventional products in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and electrical industries, and can also meet the production requirements of high-precision sheet metal processing, such as high-speed rail, elevator, medical and environmental protection industries.


Manufacturing Technique


1. Indonesia tinning project includes 26 sets 20kV high-voltage cabinets kyn28-24, 16 sets 10kv High-voltage cabinets kyn28-12, and 4 sets DC panels and signal panels.

2. Uzbekistan project has 2 sets of 35kV high-voltage cabinets and 25 sets of 10kv High-voltage cabinets.

3. 20 sets 20kV high voltage cabinets for Ethiopia project.

4. Nigeria project has 38 sets of low-voltage GCK extraction cabinets and 2 sets of automatic power conversion panels GGD.

5. Sudan project has 32 sets of low voltage cabinets GGD.

6. One set of Siemens electrical PLC control cabinet, one set of Siemens DCS instrument control cabinet, 36 sets of low-voltage cabinets and 26 sets of instrument boxes for 10 ton walking beam furnace of Brazil project.

7. Brazil iron ore project has 5 sets of 35kV high-voltage cabinets, 28 sets of 10kv High-voltage cabinets, 3 sets of PLC control cabinets and 50 sets of low-voltage cabinets.

8. India project has 48 sets low-voltage drawer cabinets GCS and 22 sets non-standard cabinets.

9. Nepal project 20 sets of high voltage cabinets kyn28-12.

10. Tanzania project low voltage cabinet GGD 35 sets.

11. Armenia project has 10 high-voltage cabinets KYN28-12 and 12 sets non-standard cabinets.

12. Uganda Wagagai project has 24sets KYN61 cabinets and kyn28 cabinets, 18 sets GGD cabinets, 12 underground power cabinets, 3 sets high-voltage reactive power compensators, 3 sets DC panel battery panels and 2 sets background operation consoles

Payment & Delivery


1.Can we make your Industrial Electrical Cabinet into special size or our design?
Yes, we provide customized services to customers. You need to provide us with some technical data of the Industrial Electrical Cabinet, such as size, material and thickness, etc.

2.Do your enclosure come with the assembly?
You can choose the empty box or the installation of electrical components, depending on your needs, we can provide.

3.Can you print our own logo on the Industrial Electrical Cabinet?
Yes, you can customize logo by purchasing more than ten Industrial Electrical Cabinet. You just need to send us the source file of the logo.

4.How do I order customized enclosures?
The best way is you give us engineering drawings and equipment list, we will arrange engineers to serve you, if there is no drawings, we will also provide solutions for you.

5.Can I order samples of Industrial Electrical Cabinet or trial orders to check the quality and market?
Yes, of course. You are welcome to come anytime.

6.Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
We are manufacturers.

7. Do you accept OEM and ODM?
Of course, as a sheet metal manufacturer, our professional R&D center can help you complete this project.

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