180L Retail Grocery Store Plastic Supermarket Shopping Cart

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The traditional plastic basket is typically red or blue; its usage is made more comfortable with one- or two-handle design. The storage capacity of the multi-functional plastic shopping basket type Eco23 included in the offer of Hu-Mago Ltd is of 33 litres, it is especially light, besides it is also wear-proof. The major function of the basket is to help manual shopping. It has big storage capacity; it is almost transparent, so it is not necessary to unpack everything at the checkout when paying. The red and the orange baskets can be bought or in case of a bigger purchase it can be given as a bonus. Thereby the shopkeeper can encourage the customer to go shopping into his store because there (s)he can find a frame for his/her basket. It is suitable for storing any product at home or in the car, and the baskets placed into one another need little space. Customers tend to take a look inside the others’ basket, as the basket is transparent they give one another ideas to buy other products as well. (Extra purchase!)

For customers who dislike trolleys that are difficult to use between the narrow gondola-rows or big-sized trolleys, the 3-wheeled Logic75 type plastic shopping trolley equipped with bag holder and double baskets of 33 litres each has been invented. The number in the brand name refers to the fact that it was made of 75 pieces of recycled PET bottles. Thanks to the rounded angles, edges and its dust repellent material the surface of the trolley can be easily cleaned, disinfected. One advantage of plastic is that it does not corrode; only its wheels contain metals. (It does not even blanket the laser reader heads.) Its shape and colours may attract customers. Among its many advantages we can emphasize that an accidental collision with another customer shall less painful than in case of a metal-structured trolley. It is a useful equipment accessory not just for grocery stores but also for textile, drugstores and other shops as well because its shape design stands the test even in more demanding stores.

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