Лабораторный мини тип реакторный сосуд высокого давления реакционные сосуды гидроденационный реактор с цифровым контролем (1600759985897)

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Quality manufacturer provide lab stainless steel reactor stainless steel chemical reactor 500ml Autoclave Reactor
TGYF-C series laboratory high pressure reactor is made of stainless steel 304/316 material, is a magnetic drive device, fundamentally solves the previous packing seal, mechanical seal seal leakage problem, is the laboratory for flammable, explosive, toxic media ideal equipment. This high pressure stainless steel reactor has the function of heating and stirring. The stirring speed is 100-1800rpm, the design pressure is 22Mpa, and the design temperature is 350 degrees Celsius. The pressure gauge can monitor the temperature of the reactor in real time, and the temperature probe goes deep inside the reactor to monitor the reaction temperature in real time. Control panel adopts digital display mode, easy to operate.

Its main characteristics are as below:
1.Stirring method: Mnternal magnetic stirring,no leakage and no exposed rotating parts,makes test more safer.
2.Stirring motor: High-power brushless motor from Germany, strong and powerful, stable performance.
3.Gas inlet valve: gas inlet needle valve.
4.Sampling valve: Convenient to sample and analyze the reaction process.
5.Exhaust valve:Convenient for vacuum treatment and replacement gas for the system.
6.Pressure gauge: Monitor the reaction pressure in the kettle in real time.
7.Temperature probe: Go deep into the reactor to monitor the reaction temperature.
8.Heating unit: module heating, fast ,high accuracy ,with digital display.
9.Connection method: Flange connection.


TGYF-C series high pressure reactor structure is simple, easy to operate, detailed picture below. The pressure can be customized, usually it is below 22Mpa.


Mini Stainless Steel High Pressure Reactor
SS304 or SS316
Design Pressure
Design Temperature
350 degree centigrade
Stirring Speed
Stirring Type
Top Mechanical Stirring
Heating Power
Heating Method
Module electric heating

If volume, materials, motors and controllers have special requirements, we can also provide customized services. Please tell us your detailed requirements and we will give you a satisfactory solution.


Henan Lihan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional instrument manufacturer, with design and development, production and manufacturing of excellent team, we are committed to do the best instrument equipment. Our products mainly include reactor equipment, distillation equipment, temperature control equipment, drying equipment, etc., our products are exported to many overseas countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Southeast Asia and so on.


Henan Lihan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. to do high quality products, sincere to provide customers with the best service, get customer praise.


Lihan Machinery can provide a variety of high pressure reactor, or hydrogenation reactor. The following series of CJF and FCF stainless steel high pressure reactors can do heating, stirring reactions. FCF series, the kettle cover can be lifted. CF series high pressure reactor, mainly high pressure and high temperature resistance. The Material can be made of stainless steel 304 or 316, hastelloy material and so on.

CJF High Pressure Reactor
CF High Pressure Reactor
FCF Lifting High Pressure Reactor


Q1: What should we pay attention to when using high pressure reactor?
A1: The high-pressure reactor should be used in the designated place and operated according to the instructions. Find out the test pressure, service pressure and maximum service temperature carved on the main vessel and use it within the permissible range of conditions.

Q2: What is the sealing method of high pressure reactor? How to better seal?
A2: High pressure reactor is a precision equipment, through the sealing ring using conical phase contact sealing form, by tightening the main bolt to make them press each other to achieve the purpose of sealing. Special care must be taken to the sealing cone to avoid damage caused by various collisions. When installing the cover, first place the reaction kettle body, and then install the kettle cover carefully on the kettle body according to the fixed position. When tightening the main bolt, it must be tightened gradually and symmetrically several times in a diagonal manner, with even force, and do not allow the kettle cover to tilt to one side to achieve a good sealing effect. Do not exceed the prescribed tightening torque to prevent the sealing surface from being crushed or accelerated wear.

Q3: What should you pay attention to when using the pressure gauge(manometer)?
A3: The pressure used by the pressure gauge is best used within 1/2 of the pressure marked on it. The pressure gauge is often compared with the standard pressure gauge for calibration. The pressure gauge for oxygen should be avoided from mixing with the pressure gauge for other gases.

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