Bitumen Factory direct supply of asphalt cold mix road repair material municipal highway fast repair asphalt 30/40 80/100 (1600817160211)

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Product Overview


Construction Technology
Pothole Cleaning
Clean up the gravel and waste residue in and around the pit to be repaired. There should be no mud, ice cubes and other debris in
the pit. The pit to be repaired should have neatly cut edges, and solids should be seen in the removal of waste residue. until the
firm side.
Brush interface edge sealer
Evenly brush the interface agent on the facade and bottom of the cleaned pit, especially around the pit and the corners of the
pit, and evenly.
Fill the Pit
After opening the bag, fill enough asphalt cold patch material into the pothole until the filler is about 1.5cm higher than the
road surface. After filling, the center of the pothole should be slightly higher than the surrounding road surface and be curved.
If the depth of the road pothole is greater than 5cm When filling, it should be filled in layers and compacted layer by layer, and
each layer should be 3-5cm.
After laying evenly, according to the field environment, the size and depth of the repaired area, select appropriate compaction
tools and methods for compaction. Such as human compaction, vibrating plate compactor, and road roller compaction. When repairing
high-grade and high-traffic highways, the surrounding areas and corners of the repaired area should be fully compacted, and there
must be no shortage of materials and virtual paving. Otherwise, looseness and water seepage may occur due to insufficient
Open to Traffic
After compaction, it can be directly opened to traffic.

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