Colored SiO2 fumed silica 99% in paint, white fumed silica powder price white carbon black

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White carbon black is the general term of white powder X-ray amorphous silicic acid and silicate products, mainly referring to precipitated silica, fumed silica and ultra-fine silica gel, as well as powder synthetic aluminum silicate and calcium silicate. White carbon black is a porous substance, and its composition can be represented by SiO2 · nH2O, where nH2O exists in the form of surface hydroxyl groups. Soluble in caustic soda and hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in water, solvents, and acids (excluding hydrofluoric acid). High temperature resistance, non flammable, odorless, odorless, and excellent electrical insulation.

White carbon black can be roughly divided into precipitated white carbon black and gas-phase white carbon black according to production methods.


Due to the series of advantages of white carbon black products, it can be widely used in many fields.

1. Rubber products
2. Agricultural chemicals
3. Daily chemical products
4. Cementitious agent
5. Anticaking agent
6. Paper filler

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