TIANREN 3 е поколение, 10 рядов кукурузы для JD CASE IH CLAAS, комбинированный европейский стандарт (1600826729447)

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Price:24 000,00 $ - 25 000,00 $
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10 Row Corn Head Details

● Row Spacing(mm) 500, 560, 600, 650, 670, 700, 750 or requested
● Row Spacing(inch) 20, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28, 30 or requested
● 5 Knife on per Snapping Roll
● Feeding Quantity ≥ 5 kg/s
● Grain Loss Rate ≤ 2%
● Harvesting Efficiency 1.6-3.3 Acre/Hour
● Minimum Harvesting Height 200mm
● Flail Blade Optional
● Reel Optional
● Side Auger Optional
● Compatibility John Deere C100. C110. C230, and Any Other Combine Comes with 6 row corn head

Corn Head Key Feature

● Residue Treatment System: Snapping Roll, Chopping Blade Unit, Stalk Chopper
● Aluminum Alloy Gearboxes
● Standard Auger
● Durable high wear-resistence, high-intensity Glass Fiber / Engineering Plastic hoods divider cover (used in aerospace technology)
● Variable Row Spacing Design Available
● Advanced Stripper Plates
● Best way to Harvest down or lean Crop

Corn Head Main Advantage

● Superior down corn gathering performance, with super long arc-shaped dividers that are designed to lift down corn and present to the gathering chains. Reel attachments can increase the down corn gathering performance to a unbelievable level.
● Patented Compound multiple blades structure works stably when gathering cobs and cutting cornstalks, reducing chance of ear damage.
● Patented small tilt angle techniques to stop free grain loss and able to pick up the cob 20 cms higher than ground.
● Hoods are made by glass fiber reinforced plastic, able to reduce the shake and noise as well as work under low temperature.
● Separate safety clutches are used on each row unit to ensure the high reliability.
● Able to customize to suit for two different row spacings in the same cornfields

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Tsing Hua University and us co-designed the TR series corn heads. Our TR1688 series corn heads and TR9988 series Self-Propelled corn harvesters have been making more and more crop growers happy!


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All products come with 1 year Warranty & Tech Support.

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