Медицинская сигнализация для пожилых людей, беспроводная система вызова медсестры с программным управлением для больницы

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Product Overview


Medical Alert Bed Alarm Elderly Wireless Nurse Call Bell System with Software Management

Different nurse station caregiver pager hosts/displays can be managed uniformly by MEEYI PC software management, including data collection, statistics, analysis. It can fast to help staff deal with paitents’ alert.

Benefits of MEEYI's hospital pager systems with PC software management:
● Pure wireless pagers for sickbed or washroom emergency call
● Smart receiver to show the calling information PC software management to manage the complete nurse call pager systems including different floors or buildings by remote.
● Wireless caregiver pagers but support LAN connection

PC Software Management: W900

    •  Customizable call content.  

    •  Built-in 6 chord tone reminder function. 

    •  With multiple service status processing methods.

    • ▲ Basic intelligent statistical analysis management function.

    •  With flexible configuration of service software application scenarios.

    • Realizing third-party application platform docking through HTTP.

    • With 11 countries voice broadcast, support "report what you write". With custom call timeout, warning and alarm timeout time.

    • With 11 languages text message display, support "show what you write".

    •  With precise conditions of historical message access and message export.

Main Receiver : W921-S2

    •  Screen Size: 10.1 inch  

    •  Capacitive Touch Screen 

    •  Power Supply: DC 12V 1A 

    • ▲ Installation Method: Place Desktop, Wall Mount 

    •  Dimension: 320(W)x211(H)x26.5(D)mm

 Main Functions:
1. Host display: menu type, can operate the host location name, date, time, calling device, etc.
2. Voice report number: When the pager calls the host, the host displays the content of the call, and the voice reports "call content"
3. Historical message access: host can query and export messages based on call time, processing status, call area, call location, and service status for precise conditions
4. Statistics management: Statistics can be used to query the service processing status, and perform simple statistical scoring

Gateway : W811-S101-JX500

    • Receiving method RF433 

    • Receiving Distance: >1000 meters (visual distance) 

    • ▲ Launch Distance: >2000 meters (visual distance)  

    • Power Supply: 12V1A

    •  Dimension: 155(W)x114(H)x32(D)mm

 Main Functions:
1. Used to achieve unified management of system networking
2. Realize wireless signal to wired signal for long-distance transmission

Wrist Watch Receiver: W624-GT1

    •  Watch Standby Time: 15 Days

    •  Working Distance: 500m 

    •  Device Dimension: 59(W)x45(H)x15(D)mm 

    • ▲ Color: Black 

 Main Functions:
1. Support text display such as English, Japanese, Arabic numerals, punctuation marks, etc.;
2. 64 recent messages can be stored
3. It has the function of manual key-press return code response. With sound, vibration and other reminding methods

Corridor Display : W601DL-G66

    •  LED dot matrix Display

    •  Power Supply: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz 

    • ▲ Visible Distance: >100 meters 

    • Installation Method: Wall Mount

    •  Dimension: 762(W)x155(H)x38(D)mm

 Main Functions:
1. Single side, 8 characters per line, LED monochrome display
2. Show time and custom slogan when no call
3. Show the content of the call when calling

Corridor lamp : W630-G75

    •  Total 8 colors (Red、green、blue、dark blue、yellow、purple、light blue、White) 

    •  The sound level can be adjusted (large, medium, small) 

    • ▲ Power Supply: DC 12V 1A 

    • Alarm light Visible Distance: 50 meters

    •  Dimension: 62(W)x92(H)x50(D)mm

 Main Functions:
1. Configurable for up to 400 call buttons in one section
2. Configurable for up to 400 reset buttons in one section
3. Different color indicates different service area. One color can work with 400 transmitters in max.

Call Push Button : Y-FS2-WR-H

    •  IP56 Waterproof  

    •  Wireless Mode: RF Radio 

    • ▲ Three Keys: Call, Reset 

    • Color: Red

    •  Battery: 23A/12V Battery

    • Working Distance: 500m in open area

    • Dimension: 86(W)x106(H)x21(D)mm

 Customized LOGO

Pullcord Call Button : Y-FS2-WR-D

    •  IP56 Waterproof  

    •  Wireless Mode: RF Radio 

    • ▲ Two Keys: Call, Reset 

    • Color: Red

    •  Battery: 23A/12V Battery

    • Working Distance: 500m in open area

    • Dimension: 86(W)x106(H)x21(D)mm

 Customized LOGO

Product Usage

  • Nurses Can Quickly Reponse The Patients' Calls, And Collect Call Data Statistics By PC Software.

• The patient in Room01bed01 press the sickbed call button or the washroom call button.
• The nurse can see the call from the nurse station PC software or Corridor display G66 showing Room01bed01 call or by the corridor
lamp alarm.
• The nurse can cancel the call after dealing with the emergency of the patient.
Caregiver can check the call datas from PC software management per day/per month.
The PC software management system can work with multi-W921-S2 caregiver pager receivers for different floors or buildings.

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