Fangpusun PSH, чистое синусоидальное зарядное устройство серии, инвертор, такой же, как и инвертор XTH (1600837809500)

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Fangpusun PSH Pure Sine Wave Series Battery Charger Inverter Same As XTH Inverter

Fangpusun PSH Series Inverter/Charger

PSH 3000-12 ; PSH 5000-24 ; PSH 6000-48 ; PSH 8000-48

The Xtalent series provides unmatched freedom of use due to its many functions. In a basic application it offers a total package : the functions of inverter, battery charger, transfer system and assistance to the source. These functions can be combined and controlled in a totally automatic way for exceptional ease and optimal management of available energy.

The Xtalent is equipped with a command entry and 2 configurable auxiliary contacts. This allows automatic control of a genset or a load shedding when the battery voltage is too low. This flexibility makes it possible to implement special functionalities necessary for a good energy management in standalone power systems.

Product features

* Outstanding efficiency and overload.
* Perfect management and limitation of AC sources.
* Power shaving of consumption peaks.
* Active filtering of load steps on a genset.
* Automatic protection of sources against overload.
* Battery priority (or to renewable sources)
* Parallel and three-phase setting, up to 9 units (72kW).
* Powerful multi-stage PFC charger.
* Ultra-short transfer time (from 0 to 15ms max.)
* Automatic and efficient stand-by
* 2 programmable auxiliary contacts (optional on the XTS)
* Compatible with AC coupling
* XTS electronically protected against reverse polarity
* Display, programming and data logging via optional remote control.
* Interactive with the Battery Status Processor (BSP)
* RS-232 communication for remote monitoring.

Electronic protection functions

•\tDeep discharge protection

•\tBattery overvoltage shutdown

•\tShort circuit protection

•\tOvertemperature and overload protection

•\tReverse polarity protection by internal fuse (except Fangpusun Xtalent XTH 3000)

•\tAcoustic alarm at deep discharge or overheating


•\t5 LEDs show operating states

Product Parameters

PSH 3000-12
PSH 5000-24
PSH 6000-48
PSH 8000-48
Nominal battery voltage (Input range)
Input voltage range
9.5 - 17 Vdc
19 - 34 Vdc
38 - 68 Vdc
38 - 68 Vdc
Continuous power
2500 VA
4500 VA
5000 VA
7000 VA
Power 30 min
3000 VA
5000 VA
6000 VA
8000 VA
Power 5 sec
7.5 KVA
12 KVA
15 KVA
21 KVA
Own consumption stand by / ON
Acoustic level without ventilation / with ventilation
40 dB / 45dB
Maximum load
Up to short-circuit
Maximum asymmetric load
Up to Pcont
Load detection (stand-by)
2 to 25W
Cos φ
Output voltage
pure sine wave 230 Vac (± 2%)/120 Vac
Output frequency
45-65 Hz (3) ± 0.05% (crystal controlled)
Harmonic distortion
< 2%
Overload and short-circuit protection
automatic disconnection with 3 time restart attempt
 Overheat protection
warning before shut-off - with automatic restart
Battery charger
Charge characteristic
6 steps: bulk, absorption, floating, equalization, reduced floating, periodic absorption
Temperature compensation
with bts 01 or bsp 500/1200
Maximum charging current
Input voltage and frequency
150 to 265 Vac /50 to 140 Vac (3) and 45 to 65 Hz
Input current max. (transfer relay)/Output current max
Transfer time
< 15ms
Multifunction contacts
module arm 02 with 2 contacts in option, module rcm 10 with 1 remote entry in option
Protection index
IP 20
Operating temperature range -
 -20 to 55°C
 Relative humidity
95 % without condensation
forced from 55°C
2 Years

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