High quality handmade luxury humidor Italy design cigar cases Spanish cedar wood Maintain humidity Classic Black gold L

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Design Style
Place of Origin
Taiwan, China
Brand Name
Model Number
Classic L
Spanish cedar wood
Black Gold
Product name
Cigar Humidor
610*355*195 MM
1 Humidor + 1 Humidifier
200 Cigars

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Company Profile

In 1996, 'Paradise' was established in Hong Kong, China, the main business is high-end hotel supplies, as well as art and high-end crafts.

In 2001, entered the field of humidor design and production. Custom made humidors for cigar customers, conceptual design for customers, and hand-made top-grade humidors. Over the past ten years, Paradise has design and made humidor for the world's top dignitaries such as White House politicians, national princes and the president of Kazakhstan.

The first generation of high-end customized humidor was officially launched in China. Designed for domestic cigar customers, the elegant and low-key design concept, which stresses introverted temperament, has been warmly pursued by cigar smokers.

The second generation 'Paradise' humidor, on the basis of the first generation, added an intelligent humidity controller and created an electronic fingerprint lock. The humidity controller can keep the humidity in the box all day long. The fingerprint lock supports inputting ten fingerprints.

The Paradise humidor uses high-quality Spanish cedar wood as the raw material, is purely handmade, and has an exquisite and elegant design. Its appearance is elegant and reflects taste. Each humidor is as luxurious and dazzling as an artwork, and is worth collecting.

Spanish cedar wood, also known as Chinese Toon or Cedar, is a loose material with good moisture and breathability, and a mellow odor. The real timber origin of Spanish cedar is from the tropical rainforests of South America, Brazil, and Peru.

Humidores made of cedar wood have the functions of moisturizing, insulating, and preventing the invasion of odors.

The special smell of cedar wood can promote the aging of cigars and play a role in insect prevention. Raising cigars is the process of aging and maturing cigars. During this process, cigars will produce a large amount of ammonia gas. If there is any odor of ammonia gas in containers made of other materials, it will destroy the original aroma of the cigar and damage its quality. When using a Paradise humidor in a closed state, fresh air can be exchanged with the outside world, and the ammonia generated by aging the cigar can be eliminated from the box, without damaging the natural aroma of the cigar.


1. who are we?
We are based in Guangdong, China, start from 2022, sell to Domestic Market(40.00%),North America(15.00%),Southeast Asia(15.00%),Mid East(15.00%),Western Europe(15.00%). There are total about 11-50 people in our office.

2. how can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

3.what can you buy from us?
humidor,cigar cases,cigar box,Cigar accessories,ashtray

4. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
Authorized customization humidor for many international celebrities, including the White House of the United States, the Prince of Saudi Arabia, President Ahak and national dignitaries.
High-end, top-grade, artistic and high-functional humidor.

Paradise Classic Cigar Humidor
The Paradise cigar humidor originates from Italy and is made of top-quality Spanish cedar wood. Craftsmen spend over 100 days handcrafting each humidor, with intricate patterns made of 24K gold leaf, mother-of-pearl, and other materials meticulously inlaid by hand, paying attention to every detail.
It features an electronic fingerprint lock for easy and secure daily maintenance. The built-in intelligent humidifier, combined with the humidor's ultimate sealing performance, ensures constant internal humidity, unaffected by external humidity levels. Even if you travel for a month or two, you don't have to worry about your cigars being affected!
Made of top-quality Spanish cedar wood, it eliminates the problems of cigar beetles and ensures that new cigars are easy to smoke, giving them a taste that resembles that of aged cigars. In just three months, you will enjoy cigars that are in excellent condition, full of the aroma of cedar wood, without the pungent ammonia taste, and with a smooth draw that is easy to smoke.
The improvement in the quality and flavor of cigars can be seen and tasted. Just take out a cigar that has been stored in
the Paradise cigar humidor and try it for yourself!
The large humidor can hold approximately 200 cigars, while the small humidor can hold approximately 100 cigars.

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