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Barite 4.2
Barite is chemically stable, insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid, without magnetism and toxicity. The chemical composition of the barite is BaSO4, and the crystal belongs to the sulfate mineral of the orthonormal (trapezoid) system. It is usually thick plate or columnar crystals, which are mostly dense or lumpy or plate like and granular aggregates. Pure colorless transparent, impurities are dyed various colors, white streak, vitreous luster, transparent to translucent.
Barite is a barium sulfate (BaSO4) as the main ingredients of non-metallic minerals, pure barite show white, shiny, because of the influence of impurities and foreign matter are often gray, light red, light yellow, crystalline quite good barite can also appear transparent crystal. Barite is a mixture.
Produce barium sulfate by processing and purifying barite. It is almost insoluble in water, ethanol and acid.It is dissolved in the concentrated sulfuric acid.

Barium Sulfate BaSO4 Typical properties
1. Resistant to acids and alkalis.
2. Insoluble in water and organic solvents
3. An inert product which is lightfast and weatherresistant
4. Colourneutral, due to its low refractive index
5. Extremely narrow particlesize range for high gloss specifications
6. Extremely good wettability due to low specific surface area
7. Low abrasion during processing, due to low Mohs hardness

BaSo4 content
Water Soluble Salts
PH value
Average particle diameter
Lgnition Loss
Specific Gravity
4.0g/CM3 4.1g/CM3 4.2g/cm3

Barite Application field
Application fieldMain use
Oil drilling
The Circulation mud weighting agent of rotary boring of oil and gas well
Cooling the drill bit,take away the clast cutted, lubricate drill pipe,
close wall of hole,control the pressure of oil and gas, avoid the spurt of oil well
Chemical industry
Used for producing BaCo3,BaCl2,BaSO4 Lithopone,Ba(OH)2,BaO and so on barium compound
barium compound is widely used in reagent,catalytic,the refining of sugar,prevention
and cure,fireproof,all kinds of fireworks,the coagulant of synthal,plastic,insectifuge,
the case-hardening of steel, phosphor powder,welding agent,Oil additive and so on.
Deoxidizer,clarifying agent,
fluxing agentIncrease the Optical temperate of glass and lustre and intensity.
Filler,optical brighteners,weighting compound
The aggregate of concrete,material of paving
1.The pipeline hidden in everglade of great pressure.
2.used in nuclear facilities replace of Pbboard.
3.atomic energy factory
4. the shield of X Radiation Laboratory.
5.extend the road surface and so on

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