Цифровая сублимационная краска с термопереводной печатью в пакете 1000 мл с чипами

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Product Overview


Heat transfer printing digital surecolor sublimation ink in 1000ml bag with chips

Product Description

Sublimation digital printing inks are designed to apply a mirror image onto paper for transfer to the final substrate. The prints are transferred via heat and pressure onto most polyester or synthetic materials. When first printed onto paper, sublimation inks appear to be weaker and duller than standard inks, however when transferred onto suitable substrates, the dyes develop their true color strength and brilliance.

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Product Application



1. Use Principle

It applies to all kinds of inkjet printer, first print image on paper, then transfer the image onto various materials by heat transfer press, especially for polyester fabric. Under high temperature, the ink will become gas and go into fabric.


2. Available printer

EPS dx5/dx6/dx7, T/F/P printer


3. Colors



4. Available paper

Inkjet printing paper, transfer paper.


5. Sublimation Inkjet Ink Feature

Ink granule is 0.2 um, has high stability and never clogged the printing head.

Perfect color saturation and deoxidization.

The colors for the inks are bright and the water fastness and light fastness can reach 5 classes.


6. Printed materials

Fabric, mug, plate, metal, wood, ceramic, and etc.


7. Use Method

First, design image on computer. Second, print the image out with the ink on paper. Third, transfer the image from paper to T-shirt or mugs or other materials by heat transfer press.


8. Attention

(1) The color on paper and the color on fabric are different.

(2) When print the paper, the design should be mirror image. It means the image on paper is reverse, but after transfer on fabric, the image will be right.


9. Transfer temperature

About 180~220°C


10. Transfer time

About 15~40 seconds


Please be noted

The control of the colors is always carried out after the transfer of the final supports. The relationship between the temperature and the time of contact is important in order to have the optimal color resistance and ink penetration (the longer the time of transfer, the better the ink penetration of the fabric).

Transfer Process


Sublimation digital ink printing process:

(1)Print the image on paper, and normal paper is ok.

(2)Put the printed paper on substrate, such as polyester and nylon fabric.

(3)Put the paper and fabric on the heat-transfer machine. When the temperature reaches 180-220°C, the image will be transfer printed from paper onto the substrate.

Packaging & Shipping

Packing: 1kg/bottle,16 bottles /carton

Shipping:By sea and airplane


Company Information

1. We are the largest chinese manufacturer of sublimation inks

2. We are the dierect manufacturer,have more than 10 years history,our price will be lowest.



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