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50BBL Customized Commercial Micro Brewery Equipment

Tiantai product with its luxurious appearance, excellent performance and variety in specifications is designed to make the best beer possible. We adopts intelligent biological brewing system. This system not only saves time and labor, with a stable quality and a reasonable price, but also brews beer with purest taste.




The equipment with its fine workmanship, excellent performance, and convenient operation will be your best choice for brewing beer. And we offer to cater to the need of customers. Our engineers are happy to design and manufacture various beer equipments according to customers’ demand.

2-Vessel1.low equipment cost
2.simple process
3.convenient operation
4.compact equipment arrangement
5.small footprint
6.modular design
7.convenient installation and transportation
1.low production efficiency
only 2-3 batches per day
2.hard to clean
3-Vessel1.widely used in craft brewing industry
2.more flexible than 2-vessel combination
3.daily production can reach 4-6 batches
1.generally rarely used
by the traditional breweries
4-Vessel1.the most common combination in the brewing system
2.suitable for small breweries, easy to use
3.affordable, and produces a good quality product
4.additional equipments include wort temporary storage tank
energy storage tank, condensate recovery tank, hot water tank, etc
5.daily production can reach 6 to 8 times per day
1.higher cost
2.larger footprint


The brewhouse can be designed into different combinations according to different needs. The brewhouse equipment is the most important part of beer brewery brewing system. Commercial beer equipment is usually equipped with 2~6 saccharification vessels, some of which have multiple functions.

The combination of 5-vessel or 6-vessel is generally used in large breweries. All equipment is installed on the same plane, and all fluids are conveyed by power transmission. The equipment tends to be larger, and the operation develops towards automatic control.

2000L brewery (7)

3000L brewery (8)

3000L brewery (7)

3000L brewery (6)

3000L brewery (5)

3000L brewery (9)

3000L brewery (4)

3000L brewery (3)

2000L brewery (3)

1000L Brewery System (10)

1000L Brewery System (13)

1000L Brewery System (12)

1000L Brewery System (11)


Tiantai Beer Equipment Co. Ltd, a well-recognized manufacturer in beerbeverage equipment industry, turnkey solutions.provider in beer beverage projects, based in Jinan, China. Tiantai mainly provides a full set of equipment and services involved in beer production for various medium and large craft beer breweries, medium sized industrial breweries and research institute. Tiantai also supplies winery equipment, distillery equipment and biological fermentation equipment.
Tiantai has established multiple overseas service centers around the world, provided high qualityproducts and fast services to more than 1,800 users globally, covering 94 countries and regionsaround the world, and has won the trust and praise of users globally.


1000L Brewery System (16)

1000L Brewery System (18)

1000L Brewery System (19)

1000L Brewery System (21)




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1000L Brewery System (23)


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