0.75KW Economical Aquaculture Paddle Wheel Aerator, fish farm equipment

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Note: "S" series is cheap with normal performance, "M" series is most cost effective and "L" series is of the best quality with Power Saving, Longer life time and Better Aeration Performance.


Zhe jiang Yi Yuan technology company is a professional manufacturing company in China, established in 2004. In the past 14 years, we have been devoting ourselves to providing top quality aerators, with competitive price and perfect after-sale services. 
Our Factory is near Ningbo port with convenient transportation. 
As a company which focus on manufacturing aerators equipment, we have accumulated rich experience in the past 14 years.
We have adopted fully automatic production, which improves the accuracy of products and saves much labor cost. Also, we can promise shorter lead time. We focus on details in production, research and development. For example, we don’t use any material which may rust. Besides we have our own testing lab and the most advanced inspection equipment to ensure the quality of the products.
As a supplier from China, our products export to Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Armenia, Philippines and many other countries.
Now we are trying to develop win -win cooperation with distributors, in this way, by our distributors, to fulfill the needs of fish farms and shrimp farms all over the world.
For our distributor we provide customization service along with free spare parts for every order, installation book for aerators, brochures and local advertising. Most of all, Yiyuan gives 18 months quality guarantee to our distributors.
Zhejiang Yi Yuan, leading the future of aquaculture. Your pond true partner.








"YIYUAN " aerator have become the most popular because of their high quality and comfortable cost.
All parts of paddlewheel aerators are under remarkable design, strict quality control and long-term testing before putting them into the market
Based on our professional and rich experience in design and produce , we re-engineered the traditional paddlewheel aerators by upgrading their power. The high-efficiency design of our paddle wheel aerators aim for saving farmer's electricity bill noticeably. The standardized structure and superior material and utilized on our paddlewheel aerators to ensure the longevity of each componet.




Model spare parts unitspecial material 
YH-2004S-1  YH-2004S-2Motor 12HP,3PH/1PHAdvantis brand cost iron casing
220V-440V,Inductrial motorwith aluminum motor cover 
YH-2004S-1  YH-2004S-2Reducer1Bevel gear typeGear:Chromium-maganese-titanium
mechanical seal metal alloys with surface cabonitriding
50hz/60hz treatment.
YH-2004S-1  YH-2004S-2Motor cover1610 mm x 310mm x 210mm HDPE with UV protecting 
YH-2004S-1  YH-2004S-2Impellers4660mm x 210mm PP
Weight: 2.2kgs
YH-2004S-1  YH-2004S-2Floats31630mm x 320mm x 200mmHDPE with UV protecting
Weight: 5.0kgs 
YH-2004S-1Movable join 2110 mm x 110 mm304# Stainless steel 
YH-2004S-2Movable join 2 Nylon
YH-2004S-1Drive shaft 2Length: 805mmSolid 304# Stainless steel 
YH-2004S-2Drive shaft 2Length: 805mmIron 304# stianless steel 
YH-2004S-1Rectanglar Frame 11560mm x 735mm 304# stianless steel 
YH-2004S-2Square Frame 11625mm x 750mm 304# stianless steel 
YH-2004S-1  YH-2004S-2Block bearing 2height: 110mm-130mmNylon
YH-2004S-1  YH-2004S-2screws 1 304# stianless steel 




1.Arcuate bevel gears are used instead of worm gears, thereby economizing on energy with high 

efficiency,and saving over 20% electric energy over traditional models.

2. The arcuate-bevel gear is made of chromium-manganese-titanium with carbon-nitride surface treatment. Ensuring long usage life spans and high rigidty.
3. Mechanical seal is available to prevent oil leakage
4. Inside protectors are avaible to avoid the motor being accidentally burnt out
5..High effciency oxygen transferring ability with 3.5kgs O2/h
6.Have good water current circulation as the making of large aera water wave
7. Easy assetment,Operation and mainteinance.


2HP High Quality Peddle Wheel Aerator Main partsMotor
Power1.5kw ( 2HP)
Phase3ph / 1ph
RPM1440/50hz , 1700/60hz
Frame no.90#
 Our high-efficiency paddlewheel motor is made of 100% new copper wire. By adopting the automated coil reeler,rotor positioning instrument, and following uncompromised processing and inspection procedures,the consisten quality, longevity, lower amp. and power consumption of the motor and ensured.
Main partsReducer 2HP High Quality Peddle Wheel Aerator
Item no.chinese 90#
Ratio1:14, 1:16
Oil liter0.8L
 The efficiency of the bevel gear is more superior than a conventional worm gear as the bevel gear can substantially reduce motor amperage by 25% as well as input power by 33%, and thus become the perfect choice to couple with our new generation of paddlewheel aerators. it will save energy and your electricity bill
 2HP High Quality Peddle Wheel AeratorMain partsImpellers
Size660mm x 190mm
Option itemsee spare parts: paddles

 1. Unique one-piece design with forified structure made of non-recycled polyproylene material which makes the paddle sturdy, tough,impact-resistant, and less prone to fracture.

2. 8pcs-vane paddle design is more superior than 6-pcs-design paddle ans allows more frequent splashes ans better DO supply.     

Main partsFloat2HP High Quality Peddle Wheel Aerator 
Material100% new HDPE
Size1630 x 320 x 200mm

 1. Made from virgin HDPE material with excellent ductility      

2. Integral blow molded formation, no water seeping problem                

3. Excellent in withstanding larger impact, corrosion free and weathering

4. 100% new materialwith dimensional design for higher stability of the wole machine in operation

  2HP High Quality Peddle Wheel AeratorAjusted Bearing  2HP High Quality Peddle Wheel AeratorMovable joint

 1. Adjustable 3 in 1 plastic bearing, easy for replacement.

2. No aging or cracking problem for the specially made nylong body.

 stainless steel movable joint suitable whatever sea water or fresh water , Never rust
  2HP High Quality Peddle Wheel AeratorMotor Cover2HP High Quality Peddle Wheel Aerator  304# Shaft

 1. Using special PE material, Excellent ductillty and can absorb larger impact or force.

2. One-piece molded without any joining for better water prevention.

3. Using virgin PE material, Excellent anti-weathering.

 Made with 304# stainless steel, which could effectively prevent the corrosion from sea water











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Pre-Sales ServiceAfter-Sales service
* Inquiry and cunsulting support* Training how to instal the machine.
* Sample testing support* Training how to use the machine
* View our factory* Reply the problem in 24hours



Working Principle
High-speed-working impellers splash the water into the air- these splashing water mix the oxygen in the air and be brought into the water--and dissolved oxygen in the water increase.
The woking impellers produce waves and currents-- make the saturated ammounia, CO2, methance, sulfuredted hydrogen,etc. go out of the water--the water quality improved.


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